No. Company Name Category of Business/Technology Date of Establishment Website Contact person Company Introduction Potential Partner Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Technology Specialty
Name Position Phone E-mail
1 AHATYD Inc. AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based Platform Jul 07 2015 Changman Ik CEO +82 10 6257 3330 We are developing AI("WISDOM BOX": an artificially intelligent and lifelong companion)-based Platform that can transform the way people create and behave and communicate and socialize and present and contribute. Specially, It can transform our life domains such as health, learning(education), work and relationship, and furthermore can fundamentally solve the globally related issues. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
Our AI("WISDOM BOX": an artificially intelligent and lifelong companion)-based Platform can transform the way people create and behave and communicate and socialize and present and contribute, and above all can transform the current education(learning) system and work-related system, so that there would be good opportunities to collaborate with the related stakeholders for solving the issues related to the current systems in terms of technology, contents and services. Our Platform is based on AI("WISDOM BOX": an artificially intelligent and lifelong companion) to be developed under its fundamental & derived rules.

2 Dtonic Corporation Spatio-temporal Big Data / Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI / Data Analytics Jan 07, 2014 Noora Lee Global Business Manager +82 10 9046 7612 Dtonic is a big data company with the technology based on the heart of Industry 4.0.
Dtonic specializes in treating spatio-temporal (space and time) big data and providing data analytics and data engineering services.
We have developed an innovative spatio-temporal big data engine called “Geo-Hiker”, which allows not only cost-effective and fast big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets, but also differential value to our customers.
Through applications, Geo-Hiker has shown to be 50 times more cost-efficient, in terms of required hardware, than the original estimate provided to our customer by another big data analytics company, and process data 40 times faster compared to an existing system our customer had in place.
In addition to providing distinct operating functions related to time and space, Geo-Hiker is also being expanded to AI application by provided deep learning included machine learning functions powered by various machine learning algorithms.
Thus, Geo-Hiker is currently applied not only in traffic engineering industries such as (C-)ITS with autonomous vehicles and road weather, but also in various other industries such as smart farm, smart city, smart factory, and aerospace and bio technology, and environment technology.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: No preference
3.Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute

As the world is becoming progressively instrumented and interconnected, spatio-temporal data is more ubiquitous and richer than ever before. Thus, we are looking for collaboration partners who would benefit from our expertise in spatio-temporal big data analytics and our Geo-Hiker engine. Geo-Hiker engine can be applied to across various industries for more cost-efficient and high-speed big data analytics and to gain meaningful insight.

For collaboration, we propose a high-resolution air quality mapping project about air environment and air quality for the benefit of citizens. Air quality data would be collected through both fixed and mobile air quality stations and by spatio-temporal big data analysis and modeling, the project would aim to develop new services and/or enhancing existing services provided by governments and the private sector for the benefit of citizens.
Spatio-temporal Big Data Analytics Engine developed by Dtonic, “Geo-Hiker”, allows cost-effective, high-speed, and easy big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets across computer clusters. Wherever there is big data containing both space and time information, Geo-Hiker can be applied.
Our clients are able to make their data more consumable and gain new insight through general statistical and analytics functions–data checking and filtering, linear regression, t-Test, z-Test, etc.–but also through provided spatio-temporal pattern mining, machine learning, deep learning, and prediction algorithms, which can be customized to fit specialized industry needs.
Geo-Hiker can be implemented as a stand-alone customizable big data analytics system through provided API, as well as integrated to existing big data analytics systems thanks to Hadoop Eco-system compatibility and multi-language support.
3 DUCOgen Co., Ltd. #New media #edutech #immersive Tech #industry4.0 #5G ICT Nov 17. 2015 Jungho Park CEO +82 0-4630-4376 DUCOgen, ranking amongst K-300(Start-ups selected by S. Korean government as having high potentials), believes with the right approach, Education can become "Edutainment". Being a joint venture with Denmark, our core education philosophy of "Learning by doing" reflects that of Scandinavian Europe, where students learn by engaging in activities. Based in South Korea, an ICT leader, we use new media such as Cloud/VR/AR, to realize "Learning by Doing" for the globe.

There is an insufficiency of next-generation Edu-Tech services with a deep understanding of the education scene and are provided at a reasonable price. And even after the introduction of Education paradigm-shifting new media/technology such as, Cloud, VR, AR, eBooks, etc., there is yet to a be smart Edu-Tech service, fully utilizing the potentials of these new media. As a result, VR/AR contents are limited to being used as a reference.
DUCOgen is developing our cloud-based VR/AR Edutainment service as a total package model, comprised of software+hardware, via cloud-based platform, with learning analytics curation based on big data gathering from machine learning, during the learner’s edutainment experience; The learner receives feedbacks and suggestions on which content he should additionally play and learn. We believe the next generation Edu-Tech model needs to be cloud-based, so the service model becomes like that of water- where the consumer has control over when and how much water he gets, by simply turning on and off the faucet at his convenience; And he only pays for the water he used. In this flexible service model, DUCOgen is envisioning and developing, the learner can learn anytime, anywhere, and however much he wants to at a given time. Our goal is to provide the globe cost-efficient, new media edutainment services.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
2. Type of Organization: All
3. Name of Organization: Not Yet
Possible Partner Profile for VR/AR Edutainment Service base LA/BigData for smart education of smart city.
4 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) Main Representative Research Area's
• IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory
Under the motto of ‘HUMAN IT-Mega Convergence Creator’, the IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory aims to develop IT convergence solutions for the creation of new business, to establish top level industries, and for the advancement of SoC. In order to achieve its goal, the laboratory is developing various technologies such as environmentally friendly low power computing technology, u-health/lifecare technology for health and wellbeing, automobile/ship building technology where sensors converge with telecommunication, intelligent mail distribution technology, the RFID and ubiquitous network technology that are the core technologies of the u-City of the future, and human friendly robot and intelligent robotic space technologies.
• Software Research Laboratory
At the Software Research Laboratory, we are conducting research on the SW technologies required for a knowledge-based society and to boost national competitiveness. Specifically, we are developing embedded SW technologies for strengthening industrial competitiveness through a convergence with traditional industries, speech/language information technologies for a user-friendly IT environment, low-cost cloud computing infra technologies for large-scale global internet services, creative computing technologies that can be used anytime, anywhere, and knowledge-based information security and safety technologies for a safe IT environment.
• Components & Materials Research Laboratory
Under the motto of “IT Convergence Components R&DB Global Leader in the Realization of a U-Society”, the Convergence Components & Materials Research Laboratory is initiating the development of new technologies in the convergence components and materials that are the core of the IT industry. The laboratory is developing key, high value-added convergence components with linked systems and services through convergence system component technology that realizes convergence and integrated broadcasting systems, next generation semiconductor technology that will outperform current semiconductor memory, and green conversion components technology that will advance low carbon and green growth. It also focuses on creative and adventurous research projects that will be the foundation for overcoming the limitations of current technologies and for the IT of the future.
• Broadcasting & Telecommunications Media Research Laboratory
The Broadcasting & Telecommunications Convergence Research Laboratory has been actively developing, under the vision of leading the New Technology of Broadcasting & Telecommunications Convergence for a Greater Korea, key technologies in the areas of broadcasting, IPTV, radio, and satellite, for realizing a future knowledge-based society enabled by naturally integrating broadcasting and telecommunications services into life. With next generation broadcasting-telecommunications convergence, realistic media and radio-satellite defined as three major areas, we put our efforts into realizing four services (Cognitive WPAN, Stereoscopic 3DTV, Advanced T-DMB and Wired-wireless-convergent mobile IPTV) and into developing five future source technologies (Gbps satellite broad band transmission, mm-wave/T-Hz radio resource and RF energy transfer, Digital Holography, Glasses-free super-multiview 3D broadcasting and Personalized u-IPTV) to contribute greatly to enhancing the convenience and safety of people as well as boosting national industry and economy
• Communications & Internet Research Laboratory
Through the realization of a ‘mobile life’, the Internet Research Laboratory enhances quality of life while aiming to improve upon convenience by providing communication services that are capable of high speed wired/wireless communication anytime, anywhere. In order to realize a knowledge-based future society that expands through IT convergence, the laboratory conducts research into mobile communications technology, optical fiber internet infrastructure technology, and service platform technology, along with the technology for future networking. Representative fields of research relate to the source technology of each area, such as 4th generation mobile communications technology, high speed short range wireless communications technology, internet-based convergence network technology, packet-optic convergence technology, convergence service platform technology, strategic station broadcasting communication, etc., and their commercialization for green growth.
• Technology Commercialization Division
The role of the Technology Commercialization Division is to ensure that ETRI’s innovative technologies, the core of its growth momentum, are being implemented appropriately in society. To do this, we formulate strategies, execute marketing activities and enhance the value of technologies through intellectual property management. We also serve to strengthen SME(Small & Medium Enterprise) competitiveness by providing various supporting projects and services. Moreover, we focus on R&D with the regional strategic industries and the commercialization of advanced technologies.
Dec, 1976 Myung-Soon Kim Principal Administrator +82 42 860 6352 Mission
• ETRI makes contribution to the nation’s economic and social development through research, development and distribution of industrial core technologies in the field of Information, Communications, Electronics, Broadcasting and Convergence technologies.
• ICT Innovator For a Great Tomorrow
Mainly work on:
• Creation, Development and Dissemination of knowledge and technology required for the development in the field of information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology
• Information security and Standardisation of information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology
• Training professionals in the field of science and technology
• Technical consulting and providing technical information for the industry in the field of Information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology
• Cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions in the field of Information, telecommunications, electronics, broadcasting and related convergence technology
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility

5 Energy Technology Services For Energy consulting for Energy audit and measuring and varification Apr 01, 2010 dongho kim Manger +82 01044708312 Energy Technology Service (Corporate) has excellent technology, abundant experience, excellent technology talent
It's an energy conservation company with a variety of equipment.
In the future, we will continue to study to improve the technology level in the field of energy saving facilities
We will make efforts to become a company that is trusted by our customers.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Based by image data analysis, energy audit
3.Type of Organization: Company
Energy audit provides a customer ratification service through the process of collecting and analyzing the date usually using portable diagnostor.
Our company wants to develop the related services as a tool to support the experts decision making at the state of collecting and analyzing the data by introducing the artificial intelligence techniques.
By this we want to reduce labor costs and improve the quality of consulting.

Furthermore, when transferring technologies of the developing countries, we intend to provide the very optimized service to our country by modifying and coordinating the Artificial Intelligence to fit in with the local environment. By cooperating with Europe, not only do we seek to enhance the technology of Artificial Intelligence, but also to expand technology related to evaluating energ
IoT technology: cheap and effective communication of data collection
Edge Computer: TPU-based by Processing and analyzing collected data
Digital Twin : in Docker the collaboration simulation and monitoring
6 FIDES Power semiconductor and EV converter technology April 10, 2014 Yeonmoon JEONG CEO +82 10 2402 5011 Our goal is “Change the SMPS market” to sustainable.
FIDES AC-DC rectify smooth technology provides tangible benefits for Reliability, availability, maintain free, and durability without aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
Flicker free and strong temperature stress LED driver.
High voltage AC-DC rectify valley fill for quick charger for Electric vehicle.
IEC62301 Standby power and Electricity metering equipment supports novel harvest power supply circuit.
FIDES-topologies offer the only solution to non electrolytic aluminum capacitor with an increase efficiency using full solid states high voltage digital controlled solid capacitor with innovated absolute standby zero function in the power supply integrated circuit that allow the use of smaller external components helping to strong temperature and cost depreciation for LED lamp and IoT AC-DC power converter.
This technology is ideal for making an epoch-making free ripple and is sustainable.

General AC-DC rectify smooth converter use aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
TV, PC, IoT, Electric vehicle, LED lighting system reliability depend on AC-DC power supply.
However, the operating temperature of LED’s bulbs lead to service life time and flicker problems in modern or electronic goods.

Novel AC-DC rectifies smooth technology are an innovation of valley fill smooth circuit theory telemetering AC measurement system to provide sustainability.
IoT, home appliance with electric vehicle charger system reliability with size reduce.
Specially extreme temperature environment AC-DC converter’s service life extend.
- High reliability
- Wide operating temperature(-55℃ ~ +125℃)
- 50times more long service life
- Intelligent AC line standby zero
- On/Off with galvanic communication
- Over load protection
- Small size
- Reasonable Price
n battery AC-DC charger for high voltage AC-DC electric vehicle charger syste.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health)
3.Type of Organization: Company
Patent and circuit design license

High power special purpose semiconductor and module design
Extreme environment AC-DC system
Flicker free LED drive product
Medical and aerospace AC-DC converter
Smart city telemetric AC power measurement
Electric vehicle charger system
FIDES-topologies offer the only solution to non electrolytic aluminum capacitor with an increase efficiency using full solid states high voltage digital controlled solid capacitor with innovated absolute standby zero function in the power supply integrated circuit that allow the use of smaller external components helping to strong temperature and cost depreciation for LED lamp and IoT AC-DC power converter.
This technology is ideal for making an epoch-making free ripple and sustainable AC-DC converter.

General AC-DC rectify smooth converter use aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
TV, PC, IoT, Electric vehicle, LED lighting system reliability depend on AC-DC power supply.
The operating temperature of LED’s bulbs lead to service life time and flicker problems in modern or electronic goods.

Novel AC-DC rectifies smooth technology are an innovation of valley fill smooth circuit theory telemetering AC measurement system to provide sustainability.
IoT, home appliance with electric vehicle charger system reliability with size reduce.
Specially extreme temperature environment AC-DC converter’s service life extend.
- Very high reliability.
- Wide operating temperature(-55℃ ~ +125℃)
- 50times more long service life.
- Intelligent load battery protection.
- On/Off with galvanic communication.
- Over load protection.
- Small, light weight.
- Reasonable Price
AC-DC high voltage AC-DC electric vehicle quick charger system.(level 3)
7 I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. IT/ Software July 5,1999 Bruce Sangmin Lee Head of International Business Team +82 10 7272 4777 I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., a wholly subsidiary of I-ON Communications Corp.(OTCQB:IONI) has been developing and providing its unstructured data management solutions to various industries for 20 years and a leader of ECM(Enterprise Content Management) market in Korea and Japan. The company is focusing on Sports ICT and Energy solution recently providing its market-proven technologies to global clients, and the clients' reliability leads the company listing on the US stock market, OTCQB in 2018. I-ON's data management technologies are bringing its clients optimized control of data which can maximize the value of data. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: __ Sports data management / Sports tech / Bigdata
3. Company
With much more accessible and supportive sports-tech environment, UK sports tech companies have been rapidly growing, and it would be a great opportunity for us to collaborate with sports tech related companies about developing technologies for Sports data management, wearable devices, and so on. I-ON Sports Data Platform is an integrated platform of sports data using I-ON's market-proven data management technologies. It can be divided into 4 systems.
- Field Game Assistance System is a hardware and software integrated system at the stadium(smart stadium) with cameras, speakers, scoreboards, etc.
- Data Collection & Analysis System gathers game and players' data from the Field game assistance system into the Bigdata storage and it analyze the data for video referee and creating data analysis report.
- Performance assessment & improvement system provide insights to players and team on performance improvement based on data analysis report using performance diagnosis and sports prescription including medical prescription to prevent injuries and improve performance.
- Game assistance system provides players' video clip and live streaming service based on team and players' metadata and team matching service using AI modeling recommendation system.

Followings are main features.
- League & Game Management platform
- Players and team record data analysis
- VOD streaming
- Video referee
- Sports medicine
- Team matching recommendation
8 JIGUEM COMPANY Co., Ltd. The DISC model IoT AI Platform (Keyword: DISC, IoT, AI, Bigdata, Smart Home, Home appliance Automation, Chatbot, Personal Data, Personal Pattern Base Platform/Web, App) May 17, 2017 YongKyu Choi CEO +82 10 4755 8015 EX- OOO company is established for developing OOO. It focuses on OOO
Data Analysis Algorithm Development and IoT AI(Artificial Intelligence) Platform Professional Enterprise
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: IoTDevice Manufacturer, Construction or interior decoration (Environment, Energy), Data collection and processing field
3. Type of Organization: Company
Open data innovation
Strengthen competitiveness of local startup. International Data vouchers for the sharing and utilization of local private data in each country, big data networks are needed for different forms of service generation.
IOT Analytics Platform
The company invested about $3.7M and secured energy based IOT analysis platform
platform to collect data from sensors and terminals to analyze the data and utilize the data to create various services such as new businesses and social safety services.

IOT Semantic Data Analysis Technology
IOT electric products, power and external factors are combined with personal characeristics and patterns, and analyzed with algorithm Cognitive learning of situation, deriving the optimized meaning for the environment, providing the service through understanding character & pattern and deriving the meaning of the data. Derive the meaning through of each data.

Enterprise Services
Utilizing personal life, personality, patterns and etc at datathat can be use to promote preferred product, with specs at the point when the user is about to purchase the product

Companies are able to implement strategies to increase sales by groupingg specific customers
9 Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) Information Technology & Electronics August, 1991 Kyung Taek Lee Director +82 10 3773 5979 KETI is a leading R&D institute specializing in electronics and IT under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Since its establishment in 1991, KETI had led the growth of small and midsize Korean enterprises in the high-tech industry. We remain committed to growing together with companies in the global market, focusing on more real-world applications beyond the lab. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: _Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute

IoT edge platform for Vision Systems Deep Learning based Vision Technology,
Data Analytics (Energy and industrial era )
AR/VR Technology
Human Centered Interaction Technology
10 Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) Convergence System R&D Division / Smart Sensors Research Center Aug 27,1991 Hyung Man Lee Managerial Researcher +82 10 8710 1748 Vision : World Top Class Electronics R&BD Hub
Mission : Lead technological Innovation and commercialization of SMEs & Develop advanced core technologies and create new industries
R&D Organization : High-tech Materials & Components R&D Division/ Communications & Media R&D Division/ Convergence System R&D Division/ Gwangju Regional Branch/ Jeonbuk Regional Branch
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
- Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software for IoT Edge Devices
- AI Solutions for Imaging Analysis
- Autonomous Diagnosis or Analysis based on AI Technology with Smart Sensors
- Autonomous Driving Sensors with AI Technology
- Sensors with SoC and AI Solutions
< Smart Sensor Research Center >
- Nano/MEMS-based smart sensors and components
(pressure sensor, accelerometer, magnetic sensor, flow sensor, IR/THz sensor, etc.)
- Smart input devices & sensors for smart devices, wearable device & IoT
- Integrated optics sensors and devices (evanescent field-based sensors, laser applications, etc.)
- Environment/Bio sensors and devices
(Nanomaterials and Thin film based gas sensors, Lab-on-a-Chip, Micro analysis chips, NDIR gas sensors, Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) heavy metal water sensor, Physiological Sensors, Piezoelectric Actuators, optic waveguide-based sensors, etc.)
- Self-powered devices such as wireless power transmission and charging
- Smart sensor application system
11 Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology (KIFLT) Specialized production technology research institute Apr 27, 1987 Dong-Ho Kim Division Leader +82-10-5000-0526 Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology(KIFLT) was founded to develop and produce the technology from footwear and leather to industrial components and materials through research activities such as materials and components, chemical, automation, analysis and testing 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Clean growth
2. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
We have plan to develop intelligent shoe factory by researching automation system for shoe manufacturing through international collaboration.


- 3D printing system for mold and shoe-sole manufacturing
- Human-robot collaborative system for shoemaking and transportation
- Automatic assembly and quality inspection system

Task description

- Development of non-metallic shoe mold manufacturing technology using 3D printing.
- Development of 3D printing material and process for shoe-sole production.
- Development of automatic shoe assembly system.
- Development of automatic quality inspection system
□ Adhesives

◦ Research of synthesis and formulation of adhesives
- Water-based, solvent-based, solvent-free
- Rubber, acrylic polymer, polyurethane
- High performance adhesive for structure
- Additives synthesis
◦ Research of synthesis resin and processing of materials
- Thermo-curable resin, UV-curable resin, Room temperature curable resin
- Curing agent for reaction at specific temperature
- Eco-friendly sealant
◦ Research of reactive hot-melt adhesive
- Functional primer
- Development of functional surface treatment and coating
- Surface characteristic for difficulty adhesion materials
- Consulting for finished footwear adhesive processing

□ New polymer and organic material

◦ Research of new polymer materials and synthesis
◦ Research of ceramic composite materials
◦ Development of organic and inorganic hybrid materials
◦ Development of functional application organic synthesis materials
◦ Research of functional nano materials

□ Research of automated manufacturing Process

◦ Research of shoes smart factory
- Intelligent plant platform for small quantity batch production
- Automated manufacturing and quality control system
◦ Process design for manufacturing automation
- Manufacturing process optimization to enhance productivity
- Analysis and design of footwear production line
◦ Study on core technology for the shoes-making automation
- Development of machine vision algorithm for shoes-making process and product
- Development of assembly process based on robot system
- Shoes assembly pressing machine using MR fluid
- Fuse sewing process for automated upper manufacturing
- End effector of robot system for footwear materials
◦ Reverse design/inspection using 3D laser scanner & 3D printer
◦ Finite element analysis for hyper-elastic material
◦ Development of smart shoes and standard integrating ICT technology
12 Korea Lever Lock Research April 4, 1992 Jin-Hui Lee Advisor +82 10 5396 6612 KOREA LEVER LOCK was founded in 1992 and has been a pioneer in the manufacture of door hardware products in Korea.
We take pride in our products based on cutting edge design and having lasting quality to ensure our customers have access to sound convenience, security and safety for all their doors and windows.
Specific Field of Research: Sensor, IoT, Actuator
Type of Organization: Company, Academia
Designning add valued next generation window systems which have combined with sensors, IoT and actuators for controlling open-close action automatically depends on in-outside air qualities on necessary KOREA LEVER LOCK is fully equipped to handle the entire the manufacturing process to produce high quality door hardware from initial design concept to finished goods, in addition to relying on our own in-house research and development facilities that allow us to test our products with our highly skilled professionals.
13 KOSYAS Information Technology security evaluation service/ cloud security solution development Dec 05, 2006 Sangseon Park Director +82 2 2097 9760 KOSYAS is founded for global CC evaluation which is evaluation test for security solutions.
KOSYAS has vulnerability analysis technology and solution for could system.
We have been processed many R&D of domestic & global and are developing security analysis solutions for cloud based information system.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data , Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: cloud system security, vulnerability analysis: Company
3.Name of Organization: KOSYAS
- To enhance the security of various devices employing IoT sensors, we develops a system including an enhanced security gateway using edge computing technology.
- Through this system, real-time integrated security information management & analysis at IoT sensor and device level are progressed.
- To develop next generation cloud-based Integrated Intelligent security information management & analysis system" that performs real-time and multi-dimensional detection, collection and analysis of security threat in IoT sensors and devices.
- CC (Common Criteria) Evaluation
- Information security device analysis (S/W part)
- System & Network vulnerability detection & analysis solution
- Cloud based Security Information Management solution
- Cloud system vulnerability detection & analysis solution
- System monitoring solution
- Cloud system log collection
- Relational analysis
- Abnormally detection
- Security analysis solution development
14 Linkgenesis Co., Ltd. Information Technology (Test Automation & Semiconductor Equipment Software) Dec 16, 2003 Inhyeok Paek CTO +82 10 3228 2246 Linkgenesis focuses on development and supplying of test automation software and semiconductor / display equipment software.
We have developed MAT(Machine Auto Tester) that can automate various tests such as functional test, stress test, random test and various other test for products in automobile, mobile, home appliance, defense industry and etc. We have been supplying this product to major companies in Korea such as Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and others.
In semiconductor/display industry area, we have developed XCom and XGem, software toolkits and libraries that support SEMI communication standards, and supplied to more than 300 equipment vendors of Korea.
We also have been researching and developing products to incorporate AI technology into test automation and visual inspection.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: AI technology that specializes in reinforcement learning and natural language processing
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
We want international R&D collaboration in AI area:
1) Reinforcement learning that can optimize test criteria such as test coverage and system performances such as CPU, memory and etc.
2) Read technical documents such as user manuals and apply natural language processing technology to generate test cases automatically.
1. XCom and XGEM Series for Semiconductor & Display industry
XCom and XGem are software development toolkit & library that support SEMI communication standards.
- XCom supports SEMI standards E4, E5, E37.
- XCom is proved by more than 300 OEM vendors in industry since 2001
- XGem300 supports SEMI standards E4, E5, E37, E30, E40, E87, E94, E90, E116.
- XGem is proved by more than 120 customers since 2008.

2. MAT(Machine Auto Tester) for test automation
GUI and script based testing software toolkit for functional test, stress test and various other system test. No 1 software testing toolkit in Korea for automotive, mobiles, consumer electronics, defense vendors
- GUI/text based easy scripting
- Easy extern device connectivity
- Advanced test control using Image & screen object information

3. VDL for AI based vision software tool
VDL is a deep learning based image analysis solution that provides fast and accurate analysis of images. It also provides various algorithms and convenient development tools for AI learning tool that make it easy to build customized system.

Convenient learning and flexible recognition capability
- Support various network models according to accuracy and recognition performance
- Easy Image recognition area setting through simple GUI operation
- Support camera and image files for recognition

High Accuracy
- Provide high recognition rate and accuracy by applying deep learning based on industry

Easy data expansion
- Various image filters to generate more learning data from limited samples

Easy to use and apply
- Easy to use for non-experts by GUI-based development tool
15 Maru Energy Ltd. Agriculture farming system / Information Technology Feb 03, 2015 Daniel Kim CEO +82 10 8486 2750 Maru Energy is established for developing indoor farming system.
It focuses on IoT agriculture solution.
Technology : Agriculture IoT sensor ( temperature, humidity, soil, Co2, EC, pH )
: Controll system ( Door, Window, Water pump, Heater, Cooler, Moisture )
: Indoor farming algorithm ( compare app )
: Indoor farming experience ( human network )
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Medical company
3.Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Maru Energy has IoT farming solution,
We can grow most of trees anyware with our container farming system.

We are looking for institute or company who want to make medicinal plants anyware.
( Genseng, Cannabis tree )
16 MAXST IT/SW/AR Oct 01, 2010, Doyeon Kim CMO +82 2 585 9566 MAXST helps millions of developers and organizations build and empower convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality with AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and computer vision technology. Our products, AR SDK(Software Development Kit), AR Collaboration, AR Solution, are engineered for security, reliability and scalability, running the full stack from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware. MAXST has partnered with world-leading companies such as Samsung Electronics, HYUNDAI & KIA motor group, SK Telecom, LG Electronics, KT, and NAVER and will continue to endeavor to be the AR market leader. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility
2.Type of Organization: Company
Industrial Applications - Repair and maintenance of complex machinery, Visualization Digital Twin for Smart Factories

AR Platform - Set up of AR Lab, 3D Contents creation and augmentation for AR app and AR glasses
Visual SLAM - Create a precise map of a space meshing up camera and inertial sensor, Collaborate to build vSLAM enabled robots
- Recognize and track 2D target images
- Support Extended tracking and Multi-target tracking

Instant Tracker
- Deteck, track, and anchor 3D objects instantly
- Support extensive device compatibility

Visual SLAM
- Create a precise map of a space meshing up camera and inertial sensor.
- Share the SLAM map with others in real time

Object Tracker
- Detect, track, and anchor intricate digital objects at precise locations
- Optimaized for SLAM map deployment
17 Rockwon IT Global Information Technology Oct 19, 2011 Andrew Yongsub Lee CEO +82 10 7145 7650 The world's leading Digital Twin based control & automation solution platform applied to ports, logistics, and smart cities.
- Virtual Terminal Provides real-time location of equipment, job order of harbor terminal, security alarm information in real time and 360 degree of visualization solution.
- Started from Container Port Terminal Real-time monitoring and moving into smart wearhouse, smart building and smart city.
- About to acquire IoT platform company and AI deep learning based image recognition company to build E2E digital twin platform.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2.Specific Field of Research: __Smart Space(City, Metro, Building..) Management
3.Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Digital Twin integration with International port/logistics/smart city solution partners.
Develop Digital Twin based Autonomous Management by AI and big-data analysis for smart city, smart logistics and smart factory.
Develop Digital Twin simulation tools with domain expert who has data and rule-set.
Building POC lab for future smart management platform
Develop Autonomous car management with solution partners.
Specialized in Real Time Location Service including tracking mobility.
Industrial data integration of devices(i.e. PLC, IoT GW, GPS, OCR and so on) and Service Application for control & monitoring
Deep learning based image recognition for physical security
Scalable and smooth 3D rendering by integration of devices and gateways.

All of these specialties applicable for 3D based management of smart city (building, environment, metro and so on)
18 Sundosoft Co., Ltd. Information Technology Jan 17, 2014 Sujin Son Deputy General Manager +82 70 7703 3175 SUNDOSOFT, which has popularized GIS and produced numerous GIS talents for more than 30 years, was reborn in 2014, following the tradition and reputation of its seniors. Through big data, SUNDOSOFT has turned itself into an upgraded Big Data company that can identify minute differences and present a vision. SUNDOSOFT is specialized in developing spatial big data platform, providing GIS fusion system development, spatial digital twin, bio data service and platform technology support 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Big data, Disaster management, GIS
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
- Global disaster information gathering, prediction and GIS-based situation management technology development using Big data such as SNS, Meteorological data, Satellite image, and etc.
: Collaborate between Sundosoft which has technologies for big data-based disaster prediction and GIS-based monitoring system and European company which has EU’s Copernicus database utilization experience
- Customized remote health care service for the child and senior citizen by the disease occurrence prediction according to the heat and cold wave, epidemic disease through the GIS based Big-data analysis using residential location, weather condition, past medical records, life pattern response result, and etc.
1. GIS (Geographic Information System)
- Provides a system for GIS-based database building, analysis, real-time monitoring applications on the web. Many experiences on the Open source GIS and commercial product based web and client application development

2. Big Data
- Provides the diverse practical services through Big Data such as service model algorithm development, analysis based on AI, and Big Data platform and GIS-based display system development. Especially, developed the electricity caused fire prediction analysis algorithm and display platform with Korea Electricity Corporation

3. Bio Tech
- We build the Medical IT based RNA fusion research center with Soonchunhyang University in Korea to provide the early disease diagnosis service using miRNA. This service is provided through the Gene∙2∙Us system which includes the database for diagnosis analysis and prediction technology

4. UAV/Drone
- Conducting a project to build convergence system to utilize the image taken by UAV and Drone. That system provide the image processing, image and video play, and mapping and 3D analysis functions. Especially, UAV-based civil engineering and construction site management platform development is in development. The image and the data taken by UAV and Drone can be used for measurement to calculate ground fill-up and digging quantity and exact distance in construction and civil engineering site
19 TechnoValue Incubating, Accelerating, Investing, Technology Commercialization, Abroad Sales & Marketing, Business Planning & Consulting, Scientific Policy Making March 23, 2000 Hyunseok Lee Director +82 10 3707 7177 We are an one of big incubating & accelerating company in Korea. We provide and help SME who need to have much more funding and updating technology to launch the market. We are also a biggest company for making of Scientific Policy for Korean Government. Our main Tech categories are AI Cloud Platform (VSaaS: Video Surveillance as a Service), Solar business(Photovoltaic), Smart IT (Wireless Power Transfer), Plant(Biomass), Protect Environment(Renewable Energy, Micro-Organism) etc. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3. Type of Organization: Company
IP based hi-resolution fixed/PTZ cameras / Local NVRs & Storage with VMS / Centralized storage on the cloud / Local Video recording & Archiving on the cloud / Continuous, schedule, motion & event based recording / Video retention for a minimum period of 180 days / Online access to live & recorded video / Role-based operator privileges / Video analytics Our Video Analytic NVR can transfer to AI CCTV which is doing of “Seeing, Hearing, Speaking” without any changing of existing CCTV infra

- Trespassing
- Fire Detection
- Smoke Detection
- Violence
- Theft Detection
- Throw Away
- Falling Down
- Traffic Counting
20 Total Soft Bank Ltd. Shipping•Port•Inland - Logistics Information Technology Nov 01, 1988 Hoon Lee Director +82 10 2851 1068 Total Soft Bank Ltd (TSB) is a maritime logistics solution company with leading edge technologies, industrial experiences, and reliable service qualities. Ever since its foundation in 1988, TSB has devoted to develop solutions for the maritime industry in ship automation, port solutions, up to entire port community. TSB's business solutions are most proven applications for the customers with committed resources and expertise of our professional services, also foundation of local customization and experienced development team. As TSB continues to grow and move forward and extends the reach of our services, from shipping to port logistics and to intermodal services, we will continue to honor our pledge of first-class, quality solutions and services that benefit our customers, employees and community with ceaseless vigor. Over 20 years, TSB has devoted to develop the ideal solution for this very industry: maritime logistics. From the vessel onboard loading computer, shipping system, terminal operation system to the port community system, concern has been clear and well-focused on it. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Shipping, Port and Inland Logistics
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
1. AI-based optimization technology for cargo stowage on ship
- Minimize the empty space by loading as many cargos as possible on the basis of the entire navigation route of vessel
- Minimization of re-handling caused by unloading of cargo at the port where the vessel is visiting
- Minimize the movement of cargo handling equipment so that the cargo handling equipment can carry out unloading work continuously.
- We expect to be able to commercialize the related research that meets the above three requirements in cooperation with overseas research institutes.
Information System
21 u-SCM center of Dongguk University Information Technology Jun 05, 1906(University)
Jan 03, 2007(u-SCM center) Yujin Rho researcher +82 02 2264 8518 Our Center (Ubiquitous Logistics Management Center) is developing healthcare, artificial intelligence and various logistics management technologies. We are focusing on various artificial intelligence based application technologies such as deep learning based object recognition and image recognition based object recognition. We have VR and AR technology for store management technology. It also has speech recognition technology and text mining technology that can be used for psychotherapy. 1. Research Field; Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: intelligent Mart development, Speech recognition and Textmiing for
3.Type of Organization: All types of institutions available
1. intelligent Mart development
We want to develop a new mart information system based on VR and AR. For example, An example is a cross store where physical and virtual stores are linked.

2. Speech recognition and Textmiing for Psychotherapy
Our R & D theme is the development of diagnostic and prediction solutions for geriatric depression using AI speakers. Or we want to do the development of new VR-based meditation techniques.
We have professional developers of VR and AR technology. It also has know-how on VR, AR and digital twin technology.
2 Speech recognition and Textmiing for Psychotherapy
We have text mining technology and AI speaker technology, and we have professional development staff. The figure below shows the architecture of the proposed system.
22 DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd. Information Technology May 06.1999 YOUNGZO YOO Vice president +82 10 9154 2436 Since its establishment in 1999, DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd. has been continuously endeavoring to contribute development of materials industry.
We succeeded in domestically producing Solder Ball which provides the contact between the BGA package and the printed circuit board. Our company has the domestic’s No.1 market share and the world’s No.2 market share in the Solder ball for BGA•CSP•Flip-Chip & Micro Solder Bumping.
Also, Since 2008, DUKSAN Hi-Metal has produced the HTL satisfying customer’s requirement, the key organic materials for OLED Display. Based on superior R&D and Manufacturing competitiveness, Our products enjoy a comparative advantage in terms of technology and price competitiveness.
In addition, DUKSAN Hi-Metal has various products such as Solder Flux, Solder Powder, and Paste, also has been investing innovative materials development such as OLED Lighting materials and Encapsulants, Thermal Paste and EMI shielding Paste in the line with the conventional paste.
Apart from the above business items, DUKSAN Hi-Metal is also developing flexible substrate technology for the next generation of wearable, flexible lighting, flexible solar cell business area.
Our company is steadily progressing as a leading global company in the materials industry by using superior technology, challenge spirit.
We are developing functional flexible substrates for OLED lightings, Display, OPV. Functional substrate has versatile features of the light extraction, light trapping, electrical conductance and transparency. Because of these features, functional substrates are getting important part of relevant devices. We're trying to develop functional flexible substrate and mass production by roll-to-roll process. Laser is an essential technology for patterning, cutting and inspection. We are cooperating with an advanced laser technology company working on these finalizing process.
Uniform coating of the Ag nanowire gives high electrical conductivity and optical transmittance. Thus, Ag nanowire should be highly dispersable and bubble free when it is coated.
Besides, we would likt to mention an EMI products which is recently launched. Now a days, the heat and electro magnetic waves generated in semi-conductor packaging devices cause many problems because of the complexity, integration and miniaturization of electrical/electronic products. DS compony is developing the new concept of paste which can solve both heat dissipation and electro/magnetic interference problems. In turn, It can reduce the malfunction and degradation of electronic devices.
DS company has recently launched new products, EMI shielding paste, Silver nanowire, QD, and flexible transparent film.
DS company is looking for business & R&D partners in order to tap into Europe market with these new products.
Primary purpose during EUREKA day is to make business relationships with potential customers or agencies that have interest in those products. Also DS company always welcomes R&D partner who can make them more value added products together with DS company. Hopefully we will have a great business chance during EUREKA day.
Details regarding EMI shielding paste, Silver nanowire, QD, and flexible transparent film will be provided at the spot.
- Functional flexible substrates available to OLED lightings, Display, OPV.
- Laser cutting and patterning of flexible substrates consisting of multi-components.
- Haze, transparency and conductivity properties of flexible substrate can be tuned by individual control of Ag nanowire length and diameter.
- Various applications such as OLED display, Lighting, OPV, Touch panel, Smart window, Flexible display, and wearables.
- Competitive price saving by using copper filler instead of conventional Ag filler
- Heat dissipation and electro/magnetic shielding(EMI) at the same time
23 EmCrafts Co., Ltd. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Sep 29. 2011 Jung Bum, Chun CEO +82-10-6402-1063 EmCrafts Co., Ltd. is the Korea’s leading SEM manufacturer. SEM(Scanning Electon Microscope) is an essential instrument for applications ranging from material science and bio technology to nanotechnology. EmCrafts has been developing its original technologies for electron optics, vacuum system, related electronics and software. EmCrafts is so open to any co-project with European researchers for advanced research. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Type of Organization: Company
3. Name of Organization: EmCrafts Co., Ltd
- E-beam lithography system
- High resolution SEM
- Scanning Electron Microscopy
- High precision compact stage design
- Electron optic system
- Imaging software
- Imaging Electronics
- High vacuum system
24 HPK Inc. Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials Mar 06. 2008 LIM, Chang-ha Executive Director +82 10 9214 7087 HPK has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years with laser, inspection and automation related technology in Display and Automobile industries. Our sales revenue reached 80 million USD and 137 employees in 2018.
However, we need a new growth engine for the next 10 years. That is why HPK has established Carbon Composite Material Research Lab in 2017. The lab’s research focuses are carbon fiber and lithium-ion battery anode materials.
We have 9 researchers who are 3 doctor’s, 5 master’s and 1 bachelor’s degree.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Anode Materials
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
4. Name of Organization: N/A
We have been developing a silicon-carbon base anode material for lithium-ion battery which can be rapidly charged by using Si nano-technology. We want to accelerate technology development success and commercialization through joint research with European partner(s). □ The present problem of Si based lithium-ion battery is low durability due to volume expansion and shrinkage of Si particles.
Moreover, the price of Si nano-particles is very high, which limits application to lithium-ion battery anode materials.

□ We make low cost Si nano-particles using Si nano-technology of 50 nm or less and improve performance degradation due to expansion and shrinkage of Si by using a binder and a conductive material blending technique for a carbon composite material and achieve a charging time within 10 minutes.

□ If the technology development is successful, it can be used as a battery anode materials for electric vehicles of future cars. It can exceed the limits of present electric cars with high electric capacity and fast charging within 10 minutes.
25 HWANGSUNG IND. Co., Ltd. - Smart Mobility
- Smart Health
May 4. 1995 Ayse Elif ERCIN Marketing Manager +82 10-6708-7327 Since it was established in 1995 Hwangsung Industry has developed as 3D sensor automobile part manufacturer equipped with the best technology and quality.Advanced management system has been built on the unique business culture and ERP computing system while investing in improving the capabilities of executives and employees by reorganizin the business income for the enviroment safety and performance-centric management.We also implement the customer values with the best quality. 1. Type of Organization: Company In preparation 3D TLS (3D TouchLess Sensor)
- Suitable for automatically moving motorized components, smooth, operation and mass production consideration for field detection sensor structures
- Design of appropriate sensor structures for the application to ensure correct direction of motion mechanism,sensing direction,etc., taking into consideration the direction and shape of the formation of electric field
- Developing a sensor structure with exact capacitor values and no reflected waves or EMI.
- Internalized HW development and sensing module localization of non-contact safety sensor parts using one and two sensor strips to solve sensor strip restriction elements based on application location
- Microscopic capacitive change detection product for Line Sensor using Multi-Frequency radio
26 Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) Automotive Technology Sep 04, 1990 Jae-Yong PARK Director +82 41 559 3061 KATECH has been established based on ‘Industrial Technology innovation & promotion law’ under the authority of ministry of knowledge and economy in 1990.
The mission of institute is to support the regional auto part industry, especially small & medium enterprise, to secure sustainable growth by offering R&D support, reliability assessment test as well as technical information and human resources development.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Type of Organization: Research Institute
3. Name of Organization: KATECH (Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
27 Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) Electronics Technology Aug 27.1991 Han Young Lee Team Principal +82 10 8769 6104 KETI is a leading R&D institute specializing in electronics and IT under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Since its establishment in 1991, KETI has led the growth of small and midsize Korean enterprises in the high-tech industry. We remain committed to growing together with companies in the global market, focusing on more real-world applications beyond the lab. To this end, KETI seeks to serve as a growth platform for companies by strengthening creative and convergent R&D capabilities based on industry needs and establishing a more advanced and tailored cooperation system that helps companies become global experts. We kindly ask for your support in KETI’s efforts to fulfill our commitments as an institution at the vanguard of change. 1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: LiDAR Technology
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) lidar has a number of important advantages over ToF, like being able to measure the velocity of objects in a scene and having the sensor not be affected by bright light sources such as the Sun.

We plan to develop miniaturized FMCW lidar for industrial applications for the future of mobility. And, we are actively looking for a partnership in Europe developing the technology.
28 Kyungsung University Education and R&D May 30. 1955 Grace Firsta Luckman Researcher +82 51 663 4779 Colleges: Liberal Arts, Law and Political Science, Commerce and Economics, Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Arts, Theology, Creative Human Resource
Graduate School, Graduate School, of Education, Graduate School of Social Welfare
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Electric Motor & Control
3. Type of Organization: Academia
4. Name of Organization: Smart Mechatronics Advances Research & Technology Institute
International Summer Camp/Global Challenge program
Cooperative R&D in Engineering and Pharmacy
Motor Design & Drives, Power electronic
- SR Motor design and analysis
- BLDC/PMSM design and analysis
- Ultra high speed drives (over 100krpm)
- Bearingless SRM
- Segmental type SRM
- Axial type SRM
29 MAIN INFO Using mobile devices Self-driving car contenes / platform Jan 16. 2014 PARK IK HYUN CEO +82 010-5538-4989 Descript 'MAIN INFO' (Main Information System) is a self-driving car content/platform developer that implements/complets convergence of mobile and vehicle as motion sensors and holograms. Our company is a startup venture company that is less than five years old. Provides business content and platform for all customers with mobile devices and vehicles to provide ease of use and compliance with road traffic laws.ion 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: AI, IoT, VR/AR,Car contenes & platform
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
① Product(Service) Introduction / Solution
ㅁ In the case of mobile in the docking station (navigation / music / phone), there are three options: Limited to motion sensor operation
ㅁ Limiting motion sensors, not touch, to prevent forward visibility while driving, and to comply with the Road Traffic Act.

② Product(Serivce) Advantages / Differentiators / Innovation
ㅁ Motion-induced motion-activated mobile application enables fun driving to prevent drowsy driving.
ㅁ For high-end B vehicles, 60% gesture recognition rate (For us, we have a 95% motion recognition strength.)
30 National Nanofab Center (NNFC) Nano Technology & Information Technology May 04. 2004 Jaesub Oh Principal Research Engineer +82 10 3001 7175 Since its foundation in 2001 under the Nanotechnology development Promotion Act., followed by its launch as an adjunct institute of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in May 2004, the National Nanofab Center (NNFC) which has been one of the national research institutes with state-of-art cleanroom (5,068 m2, class 1 ~ 10), new materials (100m2) and analysis Labs (517m2), striving to establish cutting edge nano equipment and facilities, and to provide processing services.
The cleanroom is composed of CMOS and MEMS line together, which facilitates synergy effects on convergence technology from integrating CMOS and MEMS. The representative technologies of CMOS are now standard 180nm Bulk compatible with commercial standard CMOS and 180nm SOI RF CMOS dedicated on SOI RF Switch at 0.32um devices. However, it has very strong advantages compared to a standard one, such as flexibility in the standard process of the bulk CMOS, cost effectiveness in the SOI CMOS technology, and capability to combine MEMS on these CMOS platform.
Moreover, infrared sensors have been prepared with MEMS process. Therefore, IR products can be easily given by a proper combination of IR sensor on these two CMOS platforms depending on the products specifications, with some strong partners who have their own circuit designs, system designs and WLVP.
NNFC supports IoT developers with a broad portfolio of 180nm CMOS and MEMS technologies and enables rapid the development and prototyping of an ever-expanding range of innovative smart sensor devices and applications using Inertial sensor, Microphone, Humidity sensor, Pressure sensor, IR sensor, Gas sensor and Optics device.
Technical staffs and engineers in NNFC have long experience in CMOS and MEMS process (14 years on average), in device and circuit designs (15years on average), and in measurement & analysis (14 years on average). In addition, NNFC can be cooperated by KAIST and its members who are highly educated and high quality people.
1. Research Field: Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: IT, NT
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
We have been looking for business partners who will adopt our sensor or who will want to collaborate to make a new smart sensor such as Inertial sensor, Microphone, Humidity sensor, Pressure sensor, IR sensor, Gas sensor and Optics device, or IoT systems applicable to smart home, smart city smart factory and smart grid.

1. Security of Smart Home, Smart City based on uncooled IR sensor and camera with the low resolution.
There is insufficient use of thermal imaging in security & surveillance camera systems due to high costs of existing sensor and camera core solutions in the market.
Although there are thermal imaging cameras in the market, they rely on high cost thermal imaging sensors or camera cores using these sensors. This market is heavily dominated by a few US thermal sensor or camera core suppliers whose technology and know-how is based on military and defense sector where cost is not a major issue. Due to relatively complex and expensive approach of these suppliers in thermal sensor development, camera producers in the surveillance market tend to use CCTV technology to be competitive in price sensitive market segments. Consequently, effective security monitoring in low end security surveillance applications, which is only possible by use of thermal imaging sensors, cannot be realized.
Here we want to provide an uncooled infrared sensor with one of them realized by technical innovations and international cooperation with a cost-effective nanotechnology controlled MEMS sensors on CMOS read-out IC wafer. NNFC is looking for the partners who could provide wafer-level vacuum packaging, CMOS read-out IC wafer, wafer-level optics and IoT system for the applications.

2. Safety of Industrial sites in Smart factory based on IoT devices with uncooled IR sensor and camera
Safety is any environment of workplace is very important for each and every employee in the industry because all the workers desire to work in a safe and protected atmosphere such as heavy machinery, lift such machinery, work in suffering explosions and blasts, work with dangerous equipment, work at extremely sky-rocketing heights and a constant risk of losing balance and falling.
Therefore, it is necessary to detect the human before exposure to the dangerous environment using a variety IoT devices in advance. Effective protection ensuring accurate detection and imaging of the dangerous environment at day and night is only possible with installation of thermal imaging (or visible imaging systems coupled with thermal sensors) systems) and 3D image sensor.
. The system could be assembled using CIS, infrared camera, ToF 3D sensor or 3D stereo camera. NNFC is looking for the partners who could provide image signal process, digital signal process and assembling IoT system for the application such as tracking moving objects (people, vehicles) from moving objects.

3. Safety in Smart Grid and Fuel Cell using Hydrogen and VOC Sensor based on MEMS technology.
Nowadays, the demand for hydrogen sensor is continuously increasing, especially in the fields such as fuel cell electric vehicle or electric transformers. Hydrogen plays a significant role in chemical production, fuel cell technology, fuel for cars, rocket engines, nuclear reactors etc. However, hydrogen is colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable and explosive at concentration above 4%. The introduction of hydrogen as a consumer fuel has caused heightened concern over its safety with a corresponding increased interest in hydrogen sensors and leak detection.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop a low-cost, low-power, durable, and reliable hydrogen safety sensor with a wide range from low to high concentrated environment using 3-dimensional nanostructure material and MEMS technology based sensor design for stationary and infrastructure applications, and vehicle protection. NNFC is looking for the partners who could provide material for detecting hydrogen and VOC, packaging, circuit or PCM, assembling IoT system for the applications.

4. Optic device of AWG for Data Center
The spread of cloud services is driving a relentless increase of traffic demand in large-scale data centers, which is nearly doubling every year. In addition, 5G is coming, and 5G optical network has tens of millions of demands for optical devices. Optical communication devices are the core components of optical transmission network, bearing the functions of key network physical layer, such as photoelectric conversion, wavelength multiplexing and multiplexing, and distribution of optical power. NNFC wants to develop optical device for data center, telecommunication, 4G and 5G CWDM system and is looking for the partners who could provide WG design, simulation & characterization, LD, packaging and the integration of LD and PD.
Major achievements of support for technology commercialization.

NNFC services are what?
We do our best to provide solutions necessary for the research and business development (R&BD) of nanotechnology from design to evaluation.
NNFC can be your best partner of R&BD

Fab Process Service and Analysis Service
• Providing a fab process service through constructing high tech facilities and devices
• Providing process evaluation and characteristic analysis services through the best process techniques and analysis techniques

Support for Joint Technical Development
Support for research and development (R&D) of elementary technology necessary for the R&BD of nanotechnology

Certification Service (Public Key Certificates)
Contribute to the speedy obtainment of research accomplishments through an accurate analysis service and the issuance of official test reports
31 NEXTCHIP Co., Ltd. Smart Mobility May 13, 1997 Seong-Yul Kim Team Leader +82 10 3292 4080 VISION TECHNOLOGY, ISP(Image Signal Processing)
The accreditable vision technology of Nextchip has been originated with full experience, specialized image tuning capabilities in various scenarios. According to well-experienced in the market needs and supporting customers, all factors make more optimize and strengthen Nextchip’s core technologies.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Automotive
3.Type of Organization: Company
As a semiconductor company, we put the first priority on targeting Tier1 & Tier2 in Automotive field to build-up the product camera which will be linked to the sales. With these connection at the same time there could be opportunities on advanced project(such as POC-prove of concept) with Customer(Tier1 & Tier2 and OEM as well) in viewing & sensing part.

Furthermore, there could be a lot of collaboration activities in verification of technologies or consultation to Automotive customers.
Providing differentiated technical level and securing optimized IPs from this typical main algorithms are most competitiveness of Nextchip fundamentals as success factors in both business and technical points of view. Main algorithms have been trained and optimized cases-based with applications empirically. With these highly experienced vision technologies, Nextchip has been provided stable color reproduction and reflected complemented technologies into new devices continuously for both Automotive and Surveillance market area.
ADAS technology of Nextchip offers both viewing & sensing solution. In case of viewing solution, it targets various line-up of camera in vehicle such as rear/front/surround/in-cabin camera. In case of sensing solution it supports various the vision-based recognition features e.g. VD(Vehicle Detection), PD(Pedestrian Detection), MOD(Moving Object Detection) and LD(Lane Detection). In combination with Nextchip ISP technology, it ensures higher detection rate under severe conditions such as low-illumination, bad weather, backlight situation and etc.
32 PANAX ETEC Co., Ltd. Electrolyte and Electronic Materials Aug 20. 2009 JAE SUNG YOU CEO +82 10 9002 0566 PANAX ETEC has been manufacturing various commercial electrolytes, applicable to Li-ion batteries for portable electronic devices like cell-phone & lab-top, power tools and electric vehicle(HEV,PHEV,BEV), which we are currently focusing on.
Lithium-ion battery electrolyte is one of the key components of battery materials and contains Lithium salts, high-performance additives, and low viscosity organic solvents., Main functional requirements of quality electrolyte are high Li-ion conductivity, wide range of operation temperature, large window of electrochemical stability., H2O-free and non-toxic.
Our electrolyte formulations are customized for a variety of different types of Lithium batteries, such as Prismatic/Cylindrical/Polymer Pouch Cells and even for Lithium primary battery and capacitor, while satisfying all the requirements mentioned above.
We are working with many LiB makers worldwide to provide high-quality low-cost LiB electrolytes and collaborating their R&D team to develop new electrolyte formations to meet customers’ specific need.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Electric vehicle
3. Type of Organization: Company
High performance electrolytes development with Li-ion Battery makers in Europe
New functional additives for high-energy & high-power Li-ion Battery
Solid state electrolyte for All Solid-State Li-ion Battery
1. Top-tier Li-ion Battery Electrolyte Provider
- Annual capacity 23,000 MT/Year
- (After Tianjin new factory finished the total capacity will increase to 43,000 MT/Year)
- Secured reliable sourcing networks for LiB electrolyte raw materials
2. Global Manufacturing sites (Korea, China, Malaysia)
- ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 certified
- Continuous production process optimization & cost-reduction efforts
3. Accumulated Know-how & Technology of Electrolyte Formulation and Additives
- Total 159 patents application/registration (Domestic 110 cases, Overseas 49 cases) and more than 500 additives & their performance database
- Research & Development with major partners; Collaboration with key additive
manufacturers, LiB cathode & anode producers
4. Strategic Cooperation with Customers
- Equipped with LiB cell assembly and electrolyte performance testing facility
- Quick response to Customers’ request and maintain long-term partnerships
- Develop next-generation products for xEV with Tier-1 battery cell producers
33 YNG Inc. Advanced Optical Devices (Micro Optics),
3D Nano Engineered Devices (Dry Adhesives),
Bio 3D & MEMS Structures, etc.
Precision Optical & Engineered System, etc.
Oct 1. 2010 Eunsong Oh Research & Development department / Research Institute’s Director +82 10 9300 0374 YNG company was founded around the next-generation recognition sensor & display market, ultra-precision three-dimensional surface optics, engineering components, and low-cost production technology. Typical technologies & products are as follows. 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Advanced Optical Devices (Micro Optics) & Next Gen. Display
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
4. Name of Organization: Any kinds of Global company, the pioneers of technology
* Technical roadmap of YNG inc.
- With above technical roadmap, we’re struggling to development each technology in parallel. We’ve flexibly opened up all possibilities and opportunities with academia and win-win companies for the future.
1. Micro Optics Technology
2. Simulation & Fabrication Technology
3. Nano Imprint Technology
4. ToF Camera System Technology
34 Dongshin University Research, Education Mar. 1987 SangKeun Lee Professor +82 10 7656 3644 Dongshin University has
- Headquarters: Academic Affairs Office, Planning and Cooperation Office, Admissions Office, Student Employment Office, Secretariat
- 6 College (College of Basic and General Education, College of Engineering, College of Energy Convergence, College of Oriental Medicine, College of Social and Culture, College of Health and Welfare)
- 3 Graduate Schools (General Graduate School, Graduate School of Social Development, Graduate School of Education)
- 4 University Hospitals (Seoul, Kwangju-city, Mokpo-city, Suncheon-city)
- 4 Student-support Centers and 10 Institutes and
- Industry-University Cooperation Group and Regional Cooperation Center etc.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Development of Oriental Medicine for Alzheimer’s disease
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
R&D of Sodium and Sodium Ion Battery
R&D of Recycling Technology of Used Battery
R&D of Alzheimer’ Disease with Oriental Medicine
35 ECO Electric Power Co., Ltd. Renewable Energy Specialized Company Feb. 2014 Yong-Dae Jung General Manager +82 10 3744 8386 ECO Electric Power Co., Ltd is a New Renewable Energy company. We are focused on Solar, Wind and Energy Storage System(ESS) business. We are striving to build an efficient system based on new technology development through R&D Center, construction, structural fabrication and maintenance. We are also cooperating with Korean governmental institutions, Korea Electric Power Co., Korea Rural Community Co. and Korea Institute of Energy Research.
We have installed the world’s largest floating solar power plant(2MW) by developing Module-integrated Buoyancy Body 2014 in Korea. We have completed 55MW Solar power plant in 62 sites and 20MWh energy storage system in 12 sites. 100MW Solar power in 55 sites and 60MW Wind power in 2 sites are under construction.
We are developing 1) High efficiency PV system using Bifacial Module and reflector with Module-integrated mounting structure, and 2) Vacuum Flat Solar Panel Module and Solar thermal storage system using vacuum insulation panel. We are looking for R&D partner and business partners to make inroads into the global market.
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Solar Energy
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
1) High efficiency PV system using Bifacial Module and reflectors with Module-integrated mounting structure
We are developing a High efficiency PV system using Bifacial module and reflectors with Module-integrated mounting structure that can be used not only on the water/ground/roof, but also for stand-alone PV system.
It is expected to increase the efficiency of power generation for 20% using bifacial Module for floating solar PV and to improve the efficiency by applying bifacial module and reflectors with Module-integrated mounting structure on the ground.

2) Vacuum Flat Solar Panel Module and Solar thermal storage system using vacuum insulation panel
Vacuum Flat Solar Panel Module for solar energy collection minimize losses due to convection and conduction by minimizing vertical contact area of spacer and cross-sectional area. Solar thermal storage system using vacuum insulation panel saves more solar heat energy compared to other products.
We are looking for R&D Collaboration on thermal storage with cooling and heating function system using vacuum insulation panel.
1) High Efficiency PV System using Bifacial Module and reflectors with Module-integrated mounting structure
Module-integrated mounting structures are made of Polyethylene which has very good chemical resistance and it is corrosion-proof.
- Construction method is Lego-assembly type, so that It is convenient to install and easy to repair.
- Compared to the typical solar power plant construction, our innovative model can reduce construction period by 1/3. It saves cost per construction about 20-30%.
It can be maximized the efficiency for 20% more by using High Efficiency PV System
with Bifacial module and reflectors.

2) Vacuum Flat Solar Panel Module and Thermal Storage System using vacuum insulation panel
In cases solar absorption efficiency for 20% compared to other products by minimizing
heat losses due to convection and conduction.
- Equipped with getter and confinement maintenance assembly to maintain air pressure permanently at 10-3torr.
- Panel structure to withstand atmosphere pressure loads about internal vacuum
- Improved absorption efficiency by more than 10%
36 ECOPRO Co., Ltd. Environment Business
System Engineering
Oct. 1998 Park, Jun Woo Assistant Manager +82-43-710-0841 Founded in 1998, ECOPRO has focused on the development of eco-friendly core materials and parts related to air pollution control, and starting in 2003, succeeded in the phased localization of core materials for secondary cells that were highly import dependent. As such, ECOPRO has grown by building its foundation in two main areas, environment and IT energy.

In May 2016, ECOPRO BM was spun off by means of physical division for specialization in cathode materials. Currently, it is taking the lead in improving the quality of life of mankind and protecting a healthy earth for the next generation with its continuous advances in the chemical filter and GHG reduction equipment fields.
ECOPRO’s chemical catalysts selectively break down various harmful gases generated in industrial, domestic, and public facilities into harmless gases through catalytic oxidation reaction. They adsorb carbon monoxide (CO), which is generated in industrial sites, the semiconductor manufacturing process and daily life, at room temperature and remove it through catalytic oxidation reaction.

ECOPRO want to look for partner to sell CO oxidation honeycomb catalyst in Europe.
- Semiconductor manufacturing company
- Coal-fired power plant
- Chemical & gas company
- Etc.
ECOPRO is one of the leading companies providing the total environmental solutions in KOREA. We have developed various materials and systems to control air pollution.
Among a variety of atmospheric pollutions, catalytic oxidation of carbon oxide (CO) is a very critical issue in the last two decades because of its role in various catalysis applications, such as air purification, car exhaust treatment, and pollution control devices for reducing industrial and environmental emissions.
ECOPRO recently has developed honeycomb-typed catalysts, (ECOCAT-01T) to oxidize CO at low temperature (≤25oC). ECOCAT-01T shows over 99.999% conversion rate of CO in 200 ppm CO, 60~80% relative humidity (RH), and 10000 h-1 of gas hourly space velocity (GHSV).
In order to enhance the catalyst performance, we would like to study with the potential research groups on the following issues.
- Catalyst durability under the mixed gases containing sulfur (S) species (SO2, H2S, etc.)
- The development of various module in various applications
37 E-Hwa Industry Electric Co., Ltd. Manufactures, Energy Business Apr, 2009 Nam Lee CEO +82 10 2683 7682 E-Hwa Industry Electric Co., Ltd has specialized in manufacturing electronic materials and power system, such as measurement, power substation, control devices, and most types of Light Emitting Diode (LED) since established in 2009.
The company has many experiences of producing components related to automobile, electronics, and running factories, so the careers became the fundamental principles to collaborate with a variety of organizations and countries, and the company is currently a representative manufacture for lighting materials. For example, street light would be built with types of solar light, hybrid, and usage for underpass. Also, the materials for street light components could be differentiated as both steel and stainless steels are utilized.
E-Hwa Industry Electric Co., Ltd is a growing company, so they have expanded their business to development of lighting control system, distribution board, and power monitoring systems in Korea as well as international markets. Therefore, they could become responsible for the most of lighting industries since they are not only focusing on developing the products, but the technology applicable on the components used is considered to improve functions.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health), Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Development of Oriental Medicine for Alzheimer’s disease
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
R&D of Inverter Technology Development combined Photovoltaic Power Systems and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)
R&D of Recycling Technology of Used Battery
38 ENERNET Co., Ltd. Energy ICT Solution, Energy saving system, Smart Grid system. Oct 2. 2015 Heeyeoun Jeoun CEO +82 10 3376 8502 Electric energy management and saving technology and system developer.
Our main products are PLC(Power Line Communication) devices for AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure) of apartments, Ethernet extension for dead zones such as construction area, tunnel, etc.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
1. A system that can manage electrical energy and prevent energy loss in old cities. Enables real-time verification of electricity rates for high and old buildings in complex cities without using wireless technologies
2. Providing real-time billing and management services without replacing existing electricity meters
3. A system to catch electric thieves without replacing meters
4. Electricity saving system for old apartments and houses
ㅇ Power Line Communication Device
ㅁ HPGP-PLC Modem; A communication device for Electric Meters
- PLC Baud rate: 10Mbps
- Security: AES128
- Meter Communication: RS-485
ㅁ Smart-Plug; An In-Home device for controlling and metering electric usage of home appliances
- PLC Baud rate: 10Mbps
- Security: AES128
- Metering: Voltage, Current, Power consumption
- Control: Remote ON/OFF of a power outlet (or a multi-tab)
ㅁ 1G-PLC; A PLC based Ethernet extension device for dead zones such as construction areas.
- PLC Baud rate: 1Gbps
- Security: AES128

ㅇ DLMS/COSEM Data Communication
ㅁ Data Concentration Unit; Communicates with meters and collect metering data
- Capacity: Collects data from 400 meters every 15 minute.
- Storage: Minimum a week data of each meter

ㅇ Energy Data Management Server Technology
ㅁ MDMS; Manages devices and huge amount of metering data
ㅁ EMS; Provides energy management services
39 GROON Co., Ltd. Wastewater treatment Technology (Environment, Agriculture) Feb 24. 1999 YoungChan Lee Director +82 10 8000 6771 GROON company is established for developing wastewater treatment in environment. It focuses on wastewater purification technology.

GROON technology, the unique and original technology in the world, is a significant patented technology that is verified its effects by installing and operating on the complex wastewater which is almost impossible to process due to the difficulty of decomposition of contaminated substances, waste leachate and livestock waste for years successfully.

Also, its visible result of technology application is imminent by cooperating with important organizations based on the local successful technical result and we are preparing for the branch in the global market.
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Horticulture, Environment
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
R&D, Business
1. Agriculture for horticulture & hydroponics
2. Environment wastewater
3. Pharmaceutical wastewater
40 Haedong Engineering Power System, Renewable Energy Business Mar 19. 2014 JunHo Choi CEO +82 10 3495 2338 We, Haedong Engineering, aim to become the leader in the field of distribution board and automatic control system, and to constantly advance since our establishment in 2014.

Cooperating with numerous key midsize businesses in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do region, we built up our foothold in the manufacture of land-maritime distribution board, maritime control panel, railroad distribution board, power box, factory automation (FA), and so forth. Now, the area of our business is expanding to the fields of smart factory and new & renewable energy.

As the economic recession goes on, many small and medium-size businesses are expected for downsiz- ing or shut down.

Haedong Group is a modest newborn business. Nevertheless, we have plans to stand up to this crisis, by diversifying our business area and expanding abroad according to the analysis on the future demand.

This is how we will contribute to the local community and economy through employment, improve the quality of life of all the staffs, and become a socially responsible company that share our profit with those in need.

We will become an exemplary case who turned the risk into opportunity.
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Renewable Energy
3. Type of Organization: Company
4. Name of Organization: Haedong Engineering
* Solar Energy
* Renewable Energy of ocean
* 3 in 1 hybrid generator (IPMC wave-power Generator)
IPMC wave-power generator
41 Hugreen Power Inc. ◆ Manufacturing and Engineering Service
- Hydrogen Generators for Fuel Cells, and other Hydrogen Supply Applications.
Nov 21. 2011 Shinuang Kang CEO +82 10 5512 5344 Hugreen Power is a company specialized in the production of hydrogen generators for fuel cells and other hydrogen supply applications, which are compact, lightweight with high energy density and long operating time.
We have been committed to the commercialization of hydrogen generators for fuel cells, and other hydrogen supply applications under the business objective, “We produce the smallest, lightest and highest energy density product in the world”
Our hydrogen generating technology is unique and fundamentally different from well-known technologies used by others to produce compressed hydrogen, liquefied hydrogen, etc.
One of the biggest differences is that we extract hydrogen without using a catalyst and you can store it in a solid fuel state and produce high purity hydrogen immediately by turning on the switch whenever you need it.
In other words, unlike other conventional ways, it doesn't have to be stored under high pressure. So, there is no risk of explosion and it can be used by anyone with ease without problem in high or low temperatures.
A disposable fuel cartridge is used in our hydrogen generator, which means that you can easily replace it with new one once the fuel is consumed just like replacing a printer cartridge.
Unlike other products, you don't need to go through a catalyst exchange process and can operate the system again immediately.
We have integrated all peripheral devices into a product to make it compact so that it can be used for a wider variety of purposes in a wider variety of fields.
Now, it can be used as a power source for unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) and robots as well as a portable generator.
Our generator can now be used in areas where it was previously difficult to operate due to the shortcomings of batteries; low durability, short operating time, and restrictions of the surrounding environment.
We also have the integration technology needed to put a hydrogen generator and a fuel cell together, which means we can integrate any fuel cell into our hydrogen generator, and this contributes greatly to the commercialization of various fuel-cell powered generators and power packs.
We, Hugreen Power, promise that we will do our utmost to continue to develop and commercialize hydrogen generators for fuel cells. Thank you.
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Fuel-Cell powered Applications and Hydrogen Supply Applications.
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
◆ Type of partner sought: company, government, research institute, university, etc.
◆ Specific area of activity of the partner:
- Fuel cell manufacturers
- Partners who need fuel-cell powered applications which ensure a long operating time instead of batteries.
- Others : license agreement, research cooperation agreement, technical cooperation agreement, etc.
◆ Compact and lightweight by integrating peripheral devices into one body
◆ High-energy-density and long operating time
◆ Stable hydrogen supply and storage
◆ Easy and simple to operate (simply switch on/off)
◆ Our proprietary technology is used to generate hydrogen without using a catalyst and causes no stability problems unlike conventional hydrogen generators in which periodic catalyst exchanges are required.
◆ Designed to use a fuel cartridge so that you can easily replace it with a new one and restart operations immediately like you change a printer cartridge when the fuel is consumed.
◆ Unlike conventional compressed hydrogen, liquefied hydrogen and other existing types of generating hydrogen technologies which must be stored at high pressure, our hydrogen is stored in a solid state fuel.
- No risk of explosion, so no safety manager required
- Stable operation at both high and low temperatures
- High hydrogen storage density
42 Irea chemical enterprise Coating Technology in paint, adhesive / industry, car, airplane, home, building Nov 01. 2002 Sungap song CEO +82 10 2435 4242 1. Research Field: Clean growth
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
- Eco-friendly non-toxic anti-corrosive paint in nano materials
- Development of materials and paint formulations for improved thermal insulation
- Development for high performance structural adhesive for cars.

43 Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) 1. Research and Development
High-tech Materials and Components, Information Technology Convergence Technology
- (1)Adanced Materials, (2)Smart Sensors, (3)IoT, (4)AI, (5)Autonomous Driving, (6)Smart Factory, (7)Clean∙Renewable Energy,
(8)Wearable Devices, (9)Interactive VR∙AR
2. Supporting Small and Medium Size Enterprizes
- (1)Joint R&D, (2)Licensing and Technical Support, (3)Testing and Evaluation for Reliability, (4)Open Access to Research Facilities and Equipment, (5)Startup Incubating and Refresher Training
Aug 27. 1991 Myong Jae Yoo Managerial researcher 82-31-789-7244 The global market changes every day. What used to be familiar in yesterday's business environment can be something entirely different today. The key to dealing with unexpected changes lies in innovative technology. Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) develops cutting-edge technologies and shares them with companies.

KETI is a government-led R&D institution under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, specializing in electronics and IT. Since its establishment in 1991, the Institute has contributed to Korea’s technological and industrial development.

Our main R&D areas are high-tech materials & components; information, communication and media technology (ICMT); and convergence systems that involve wearable devices, interactive VR/AR, IoT and other state-of-the-art technologies.

Now KETI is preparing to become a global leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with innovative technologies. To this end, we will remain focused on market-oriented R&D projects for the real-life application of technology. We will also continue our commitment to sharing technology with SMEs through a collaboration platform as a member of today's "sharing economy."

KETI will stay dedicated to promoting the economic and social growth of Korea to usher in a brighter future for the country.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Atomic layer deposition
3. Type of Organization: Company
4. Name of Organization: LR Chemical
Based on atomic layer deposition technology develop new applications. International collaboration with regards to precursors for atomic layer deposition technology.
44 NINANO Inc. Health/ IT/5G Mar 19. 2015 HyeonSeok Oh CEO +82 10 8402 3238 NINANO Co., Ltd. is a company that thinks differently to realize a healthy life and an exciting life and challenges reality in every way. As a result, we are delivering comfort, beauty and eco-friendliness to you.
- Main Product: EMF shielding Product
- Activities: EULSOO(EMF shielding product for cellphone, Tablet PC, Notebook, Glasses) is on sale, ASSA(WiFi-shielding product, Notebook, Wallet, Apron) is ready to sale.
EULSOO and ASSA has more than 90% EMF shielding efficiency of cellphone, WiFi. It made by nanotechnology.
Welcome oversea coworkers for marketing Also want Cooperation Project with European countries.
1. Research Field: Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Nano Patterning using SEM
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
4. Name of Organization: Interface, Nanotypos, ThunderNIL, EMcrafts, NINANO
International R&D Project Needs:
To fulfill worldwide increasing demands for cost effective and qualified Lithography System, it is imperative to develop SEM-based E-Beam Lithography System and its applications to 5G mobile communication.
- high-resolution electron optics
- High precision moving Stage(Overlay accuracy ≤ 5nm)
- Fast and low noise Pattern Generator
- Semiconductor Process technology
- High quality resin(material) technology
- Nanopatterning application for the security
45 Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) Smart Energy & Smart Industry Dec.1986 Gun Hwan-Choi Professor +82 54 279 9023 School is established for developing Industry.
It focuses on E-co Energy technology.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Floating Offshore Power Generation System
3. Type of Organization: Research Institute
ECO-Smart Tech. for Floating Offshore Wind-power Generation System
46 Samyoung S&C Co., Ltd. Manufacture of Electronic Integrated Circuits Jul 1. 2000 Mincheol LEE Senior Engineer +82 31 741 1821 / +82 31 780 9946 / SAMYOUNG S&C designs, develops, and manufactures Environment Safety and Health(ESH) related sensors and electronic control systems for commercial and industrial applications.
From Sensor elements to control modules and wireless transmitters, SAMYOUNG S&C is committed to provide a full spectrum of product solutions and services to meet diverse customer requirements.
Formerly a R&D Center and a New Product Division of Samyoung Electronics; the third largest capacitor manufacturer in the world, SAMYOUNG S&C was spun off in the year 2000 and continued to grow in its product lines and customer base worldwide as an independent sensor specialist.
Aiming to provide “Smart Sensing Solutions” to customers’ ever-challenging requirements, SAMYOUNG S&C operates nationally accredited R&D center, world class wafer fabricating and component packaging facilities, and state of art measurement and testing laboratories, All products of SAMYOUNG S&C are proudly developed in house and manufactured at the manufacturing plants in Korea.
SAMYOUNG S&C’s reputation for quality is highly recognized by global customers and governmental agencies, and is certified to ISO/IATF 16949, KS Q 14001, ISO 14001 by KMAR.
1. Specific Field of Research: Environmental Sensing Solution
2. Type of Organization: Company
- Panel Level Packaging for Indoor and Ambient Air Quality Sensor System
- Multi Combo All in One Package Sensor for Gas, Humidity, Temperature and Fine Particle Measurement.
- Environmental Sensor System with Drones and Robotics
Our core technologies for humidity sensor are polymer technology, wafer fabrication with own formula and auto calibration system for mass production
PM sensor development has overcame the limitation of LED with optical and air-flow technology to measure 0.3 um size particle. And auto calibration system allows mass production.
We also occupied the measuring technology by operating the standard testing lab to research a standard of measurement with traceability to NIST and using well-known, certified equipment.
47 Sehan University Renewable energy technology including building integrated photovoltaic system simulation Mar 01. 1994 Seung-Ho Yoo Professor +82 10 9666 0272 The evaluation standard and methodology for a solar architecture, realizing a good-hearted nearly zero energy building, that our research group has developed, has become also an official standard of Korean Solar Energy Society (KSES, and the Korean Society of Living Environment System (KSLES, since 2013. And the simulation program "SolCel" as a direct energy simulation tool for PVSD systems etc., that our research group has developed for the solar architecture, is one among the best 4 tools (Ecotect, Energy plus, SolCel and GIS) which many foreign researchers such as researchers in UK(Y.Ibraheem and A.E.Piroozfar, University of Brighton, Brighton) and USA (Eric R.P.Farr, NONAMES Design Research Foundation, San Diego, Ca) etc. cite recently also in the 8th International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, 11-13 September 2016, Turin, Italy (Embedding passive intelligence into building envelopes: review of the state-of-art in integrated photovoltaic shading devices:
It was not until 1998 that our research group proposed, most probably, for the first time in the world, integrated photovoltaics as shading devices etc., which embed passive intelligence into building envelops also according to the above mentioned foreign researchers etc. We are convinced that the evaluation standard and methodology for optimization of solar architecture, the simulation tool "SolCel" and some passive intelligence that we have thought could be the best consultant in an ecological way for a sustainable world in building sector to mitigate greenhouse gases or reduce fossil fuel energy consumption.
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Building integrated photovoltaic
3. Type of Organization: Academia, Research Institute, etc: University
4. Name of Organization: Fraunhoffer institute for solar energy system, University of Brighton
- Expertise: Simulation for Greenhouse gas mitigation, Building integrated renewable energy system simulation
- Type: Research Institute, Consulting Company or University which want to develop a good-hearted simulation program for embedding a good-hearted passive technologies into building energy simulation tool.
- Country: any
- Tasks to be performed: Deployment of ecological methodology for greenhouse gas mitigation in building sector; National and international strategy or co-work for a deployment and continuous development for easy use of the simulation tool "SolCel" for an ecological embedding a good-hearted technologies contained passive intelligence into building to make a nearly zero energy building.
Simulation tool “SolCel” which has been developed as direct energy simulation tool for a passive intelligence.
A sustainable building or solar architecture need to fulfill any possible requirements of the above mentioned evaluation standard. The simulation program “SolCel” can be used to quantify the evaluation standard to optimize a solar architecture or a nearly zero energy building (sustainable building) in an ecological way.
The simulation program has been written by FORTRAN language originally for the research purpose to optimize photovoltaic integrated shading device etc, embedding a passive intelligence into building. I want to continuously develope the simulation tool "SolCel" to be used worldwide.
The figure 1 shows the building physical behavior and architectural philosophy that we could optimize through the evaluation standard, methodology and the simulation tool “SolCel”.

We have also written a book “Solar Engineering-I (Vol.5), Ecological Criteria for Optimization of Solar Architecture” in the series “Energy Science and Technology” (12 Vols. Set: ISBN: 1-62699-066-2) which was published by STUDIUM PRESS LLC, Houston, U.S.A. in 2015.

Now we are publishing many research results (ex, Optimization of a BIPV system to mitigate Greenhouse Gas and Indoor Environment) which is under review now through the international journal “Solar Energy” in 2019.
48 Shinho Engineering Corp. Renewable Energy Oct. 28. 2003 Chaeyoon Lim Team Leader +82-10-7130-2993 Shinho Engineering is a Korean company specialized in solar power plant. It is a good solid company with certified products and technology. The company was established in 2003 and has been working in the field of renewable energy. It has developed the solar power plant equipped with dual-fuse type electric power system and integrated monitoring system. They are recognized as one of the company with high quality products and technical skills. The company has been selected as an exclusive company for warranty and repair by governmental authorities and the products of the company are selected as Excellent Procurement Products. Moreover, they have registered fifteen patents related to electric power system and solar power plant. The company has been working hard on research and development persistently since they established R&D center in 2013. In addition to fifteen patents registered, they have applied five more patents and the R&D center is working on four different solar power plant governmental research projects. 1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: BIPV, Optimizer, ESS
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
: Micro Grid, inverter, monitoring system, and fault detector for BIPV
- Optimizer for Solar Panel
:integrated controller of Solar Power Plant, inverter, converter, and batteries
:monitoring and management system
• Major Business
- Designing and Manufacturing Solar Power Plant, Electric Power System, Connector board and Traffic Signal Controller)
- Electrical Construction and Electric Designs
- RPS(Renewable Portfolio Standard)
- EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)
• Main Products
- Solar Power Plant
- Electric Power System
- Connector Board
- Traffic Signal Controller
49 Sundoo Electronics Co., Ltd. Electrical and Optical Nov 24. 1997 Baek, Young-sam General manager +82 10 4719 0358 Since the foundation year of 1997, based on intensive technology, SunDoo has pursued the Top Brand of Gas & Electricity Detector Maker not only in domestic market, but in the global market.
In order to make sure of Costumers' Safety & Satisfaction, SunDoo has continued to invest to R&D to develop and produce the best one
1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Type of Organization: Research Institute
[Laser Methane Gas Leaked Detector]
This device can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to one hundred feet away and with its Intrinsic Safety rating the Detector opens up a whole new realm of survey applications such as:
- Plant and Industrial Inspections
- Compressor Stations - Production Facilities – gas gathering, drilling sites etc.- LNG Ship Inspections
- First Responders for Leak Investigation - First Responders to Odor Complaints - Plant Inspections
50 SungChang Co., Ltd. Smart Energy / Smart Industry Jul 28.1998 Jaejin Lee CEO +82 43 272 6552 SungChang Co., Ltd. Since 1991.
A regular partner of KT(korean biggest telecom company).
R&D venture company about Power and network control.
There are 35 people, and $ 5 million annual sales.
1. Research Field: Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Technology convergence
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
4. Name of Organization: R&D, Technology Commercialization, Customizing
1. Cooperation partners
Sales, Technology convergence, R&D collaboration(EUROstar, EUREKA)

2. Sales partner
We need sales partners to EU, our solar trackers and mini DC UPS.

3. R&D cooperation partner
R&D partner, who needs our original technology.
Solar tracker : utilizing solar light
DC UPS : small DC power user, DC power control for Smart grid

4. Localization
R&D of our products in accordance with local market

5. JV (joint venture)
After R&D, Established a joint venture with local companies
1. NON-CPU Solar Tracking System
- Appropriate Technology NON-CPU Controller(No MCU and No Control System error)
- Easy Operational Principle and Installation
- Driving in parallel with smart controller(Monitoring system and remote control system)
- HTML5 base Responsive Web system

2. mini DC UPS
- Ultra-compact mini DC Uninterruptible Power supply
- No MCU and No Control System error (CPU-based models are also available)
- 5V,9V,12V,24V,48V, Can be used to all devices using DC power
- Special techniques to make small
- Develop to special purpose requirements
51 Top Tooling Systems Ltd. Mechanical Technology Sep 15. 2015 Seongkeun Lee CEO +82 10 2888 8125 Top Tooling Systems is established for developing new systems of tool holder. It focuses on centripetal coolant injection tool holder system in machine tools. 1. Research Field: Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: advanced materials and environmentally conscious coolant techniques
3. Type of Organization: Company
4. Name of Organization: Scorpion Tooling UK Ltd.
Looking for a joint research partner with a UK company for collaborative R&D to select advanced materials for coolant injection tool holder system and to develop coolant injection techniques to increase cutting tool life. The non-scattering through-tool holder coolant spraying system has overcome the centrifugal force from the rotating spindle and brought about a new paradigm in cooling of machine tool.
This system, as a solution to problematic working conditions of reducing cutting tool life and difficult chip discharge resulted by the heat generated by inefficient cooling during the cutting process and as a spraying system that prevents cutting fluid from scattering and meet the user needs, will create a new market in the tool holder industry.

● Precise spray of cutting fluid to the desired area.
● Easy chip discharge.
● Highly efficient cooling with direct spray.
● A solution to the scattering coolant problem by overcoming the centrifugal force.
● Adjustable to the cutting tool of a different length, and the mist is reduced by more than 90%.
● The most effective coolant system that increase cutting tool life.
52 ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. New Drug Research & Development July 01, 2013 Byong cheol CEO +82 10 3042 8753 ArcaEir company is established for developing New Drug. It focuses on atherosclerosis
Technology: Arterial Vessel On-Chip
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: New Drug(atherosclerosis)
3.Type of Organization: Company
4.Name of Organization: ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc
1. Previous Vessel On-Chip Study
- Access to biotechnology
- Estimate blood vessel changes through experiments using actual blood vessel reduction model
- Drug efficacy and toxicity range excluding blood components
- Experimental environment excluding blood temperature and gas
- Micro-ship-on-chip device (Microenvironment)
- Measurement of vessel contraction and relaxation (FSS & CS)
- Blood Pressure, Pulse, Blood Flow Control to FSS and CS
- Application of iPS cells transformed with intravenous endothelial cells (HUVECs)

2. Features: Our Vessel On-Chip characteristic
- Access to medical and medical fields
- Real human blood and environment application
- Models that mimic more than 95% of actual blood vessels
- Assess the efficacy, toxicity and physiological range of actual human cells and blood
- Experimental environment including blood temperature and gas
- Measurement of ecological and morphological changes of blood cells
- Systematic control of actual blood pressure, pulse and blood flow to calculate FSS and CS
- Application of iPS cells transfected with arterial cells

3. Goal: Development of Organ On-Chip System and Experiment
- Developing the specifications of Organ On-Chip System
* On-chip interlocking device similar to real heart(control and control device for blood pressure, pulse, blood flow to FSS and CS, blood gas, sterile environment etc.)
* Experimental development
- Dyslipidemia(hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis agent) Drugs and candidate substances experiment
- Disease model : hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis
- Research Scope : Candidate Drug Efficacy and Toxicity
- Measurement : arterial blood test(for coagulation ABGA, ROS, CBC, hormone related, Chemi, lipid, Elecrolyte, CRP, ESR), stereomicroscope(for vascular tissue), HtPC(for monocyte macrophage)
- Comparative evaluation of Vessel On-Chip and animal model (Got ttingen mini pig)

- Actual vessel size on-chip device
- Cell culture and Experiment in System
- Blood Pressure, Pulse, Blood Flow Control to FSS and CS
- Blood gas control
- Creation of aseptic environment
-Temperature control(35~45℃)
-PC-based control
-PDP wireless connection control
53 CEFO Co., Ltd. Bio Technology Oct 1. 2011 Hyun Sook Park CEO +82 10 3266 8573 CEFO is a fast growing research-based company located in Seoul, South Korea. CEFO’s business area covers both providing Research Material Supplies (RMS) and developing stem cell therapy. As an expert of stem cell research, we offer stem cells, optimized culture media, 3D culture system, 3D organ models, other research kits and contract research services (designated as an Engineering Service Provider by Government in Korea). CEFO is also establishing therapy pipelines using stem cells. We have many therapeutic candidates in various stages of trial and development. 1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Regenerative Medicine for bone
3. Type of Organization: Company
4. Name of Organization: CEFO Co.,Ltd
We are looking for collaboration research partners for pre-clinical study (CRO), CMO service (for our cell therapy production), consulting service for our IND approval in EMEA, investors for clinical trial of our cell therapy in EU. The strengths of CEFO are its proprietary intellectual properties in stem cell therapy, 3D culture of stem cells and culture optimization of various primary tissues. As a specialized technology company, CEFO holds a large number of original patents related to stem cell research and 3-dimensional culture system (28 patents, 6 trademark registrations and 2 licensing-in). In particular, 18 applications have been filed and registered as international patents. CEFO has 75% of its employees in research and development departments, and has successfully commercialized research and development results in over 120 products in the last five years. We achieve annual growth rate of more than 200% through commercialization of these products and securing of technology. CEFO has proven to be a technology company by winning the Korea Digital Innovation Awards (Grand Prize in Biotechnology field) in 2014 and 2017, based on our outstanding technology capabilities.
54 CellSafe Co., Ltd. Medical device / Biotechnology Oct 24, 2009 Jeong Heum Yeon Director +82 10 5404 8647 CellSafe Co., Ltd is a biotechnology company established in Korea in 2009. We have innovative technology in the fields of mycoplasma and bone graft substitute. We are the only company in Asia providing mycoplasma total solution. And our bone graft material has unique dual functions to promote bone regeneration with high quality.

Technology: 1) Mycoplasma total solution (Mycoplasma detection, elimination and prevention)
2) Bone graft substitute
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Bone graft / Medical device
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
 Formulation study
- CSNP-35 only(CellSafe’s bone graft material)
- CSNP-35 and BMP2 mixture

 Efficacy test of CSNP-35 and BMP2 mixture
- Activation of bone regeneration
- Inhibition of bone destruction

 Pharmacological efficacy evaluation with spinal fusion animal model

 Non-clinical study(Implant device, Tissue/bone): ISO10993

 Multicenter clinical study
 CellSafe’s bone graft substitute
“As a low molecular bone-forming material, it can replace BMP2.”
1) As a small and chemical molecule, CSNP-35 is highly stable compared to protein products(e.g. BMP2).
2) The cost of production is very low, which will result in lowering treatment cost.
3) The world’s first dual function
- Our bone graft material has dual functions which can promote both activation of bone formation and inhibition of bone destruction.
- Because of dual functions, it can regenerate bone with high quality and reduce side effects.
4) Our bone graft is small molecule and has dual functions, diverse R&D strategies can be applicable.
5) The first target in bone graft market is spinal fusion surgery.
6) Patented in Korea, Japan, China, US and under patent registration in Europe.

 Bone graft products including BMP2
1) Introduced in spinal fusion surgery since 2002
2) Type of material: protein(hormone)
3) High cost: $5,000~$6,000
4) Serious side effects: bone overgrowth (complication rate: 20~70%)
5) Low efficiency
55 Daegu Catholic University Medical Center (DCMC) Hospital/ Nanomedicine Technology Aug 12, 1980 Jong-Ki Kim Professor +82 10 9685 4335 Our DCMC is leading university hospital for promoting global collaboration (Harvard General Hospital and world-wide catholic group hospital) including International Medical Staff Training and cooperation between Oriental medicine in Daegu area.
DCMC has been operated as area center for clinical trial.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Nanomedicine for Alzheimer’s disease
3.Type of Organization: Company
4.Name of Organization: IBA group
1) Hair-Cohort for health care: Hair-Structure based Breast Cancer Screening Technology
Hair medulla loss associated with breast cancer present a molecular marker for cancer screening. Simple and cheap NIR microscopy to monitor hair structure was developed and calling for collection hair data of various cohort, which can be exploited in breast cancer screening business. Presently patent was registered domestically, and seeking for EC partner to integrate NIR microscopy in smartphone with big data service while registering to PCT patent.

2) Alzheimer’s dementia-therapy-dedicated Proton-Brain stimulator
We discovered proton-stimulation therapy for Alzheimer’s disease targeting redox-toxic iron-oxide biomineralization associated with AD hallmark (Aβ plaque and tau tangle). It should be designed and advised to prepare Brain-stimulation dedicated proton system using traversing pristine proton beam with irradiation at specific angle depending on treatment and stage of AD pathology. This device can be extended to treatment for neurodegenerative disease where iron biomineralization is developed. In this regard we like to discuss this opportunity with any EU company of ION beam instrument. I am supposed to announce this kind of activity asking organizing world-wide clinical trial consortium at GSI Biophysics workshop on May 20, Germany.
56 Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF) Medical Technology (Medical Technology and Device Development and Test, Drug Synthesis and Production, Laboratory Animal Test) Dec 14, 2010 Joong Hyun Kim Team Leader +82 53 790 5591 DGMIF explores sources of future growth for the nation by offering a comprehensive, global-scale research space and providing R&D support for the development and production of cutting-edge drugs and medical devices.
DGMIF has invested KRW 4.6 trillion to build its core research facilities (the New Drug Development Center, Medical Device Development Center, Laboratory Animal Center, and Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center) in an area of 103 square meters
In Particular, Medical Device Development Center, with its sophisticated medical infrastructure and innovative technologies, provides a full range of one-stop services to support all the phases of the medical devices from the initial development to the successful advancement of these devices into global marketplaces.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Development and Commercialization of In vitro diagnostic technology_(ex. Molecular Diagnostics, AI, NGS, Liquid Biopsy, Precision Medicine etc.) and anything related Medical Device Development and Drug Synthesis
3.Type of Organization:Company, Academia, Research Institute
We would like to collaborate to develop in-vitro diagnostics kits and devices. In recent, we developed several SNP detecting technologies to discriminate a single base mismatch without PCR. Simple isothermal nuclease reactions allowed detection of target nucleic acids as low as 20 zeptomoles even in a high throughput manner. We are planning to bring these technologies to market through this collaboration with good partners.
Our center, MDCC (Medical Device Development Center) has specialized infra structures for basic R&D, manufacturing and even electrical and biological test for approval of KFDA.
In addition, we have several domestic partners to join this International R&D collaboration. Among them, JW Bioscience discovered new biomarkers for sepsis and pancreatic cancer. The company is willing to commercialize these makers in other countries including Europe, and Canada.
DGMIF and our partner company are welcome to any type of collaboration. Please feel free to ask me anything regarding the collaboration.
- Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification
- Designing Molecular Diagnostic Probes
- Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization
- Designing and Producing Smart Biosignal Measurement through GMP
- Development of Field-effect transistor-based Biosensors
- Electromechanical Safety Inspection
- Biological Safety Testing
- Laboratory Animal Testing
57 GENECAST Co., Ltd. Cancer Diagnostics/Liquid biopsy Nov 1, 2016 Kyuwon Baek Director +82-10-4284-1285 GENECAST is a molecular diagnostic startup specialized in cancer diagnostics using liquid biopsy, via our original Allele-Discriminating Priming System(ADPS), which boasts an unprecedented 0.0001% detection sensitivity.

RUO Kits (EGFR, BRAF, KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, JAK2, pTERT ) will be released in the first half of 2019.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Cancer Diagnostics (Liquid biopsy)
3.Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
We believe there are several types of collaboration possible.
1. Hospital or Clinical Examination Center who are looking for a cancer diagnostic kit in the form of LDT(Laboratory developed Test).
2. Local representative who can support the EU certification or sales of our products.
3. Pharmaceutical company who has a cancer drug candidate, which are looking for a companion diagnostic kit.
4. Diagnostic company who has an interest in ctDNA liquid biopsy.
GENECAST detects cancer mutation through the technology called “ADPS(Allele Discriminating Priming System)”
With this technology, we provide the highest detection sensitivity (up to 0.0001%) among conventional biopsy technologies.

ADPS is a diagnostic platform that fuses three independently developed technologies which are smart DNA polymerase, primer probe design, and optimized buffer system.

The critical technology of ADPS is that it recognizes the difference between mutant genes and wild-type genes by itself, and selectively amplifies the mutants only while leaving wild-type intact.

Also, innovatively designed primers and probes precisely figure out the types of cancer mutations such as single nucleotide variant(SNV), gene insertion, gene deletion, gene rearrangement, and etc.

Proprietary reaction buffer optimized for specific cancer mutations maximizes the selective amplification efficiency of DNAP.
58 Globepoint Inc. Edutech/VR/Solution June 01, 2012 Claire Chung Business Development +82 10 9088 4542 GLOBEPOINT is a global EdTech company creating VR/AR smart-learning value.
Established in 2012, we have developed VR/AR-based smart-learning contents and platforms.
We work with worldwide partners and developers to expertly obtain the most effective smart-learning contents needed to move online education from the conceptual stage to physical.
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: AI, Big Data, Healthcare, Education, 5G
3.Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
Development of VR Content for Education, Healthcare, Safety, and Etc. [Patent Registration]
10-1392931 Contents Reaction Type KIOSK and Its Operation
10-1519123 3D Fitting Cloud System Using KIOSK with the Kinect Sensor

[Patent Application]
10-2014-0004731 Authoring Online Lecture KIOSK Using Virtual 3D Avatar
10-2014-0175504 Virtually Producing Body Parts for Authoring Educational Contents System
10-2014-0175505 Service Server for Authoring Educational Contents System
10-2015-0161251 Producing Educational VR Contents and Controlling Method
10-2015-0159007 Service Server for Authoring Educational Contents System

[Design Registration]
30-0757541 Contents Reacting KIOSK
30-0832313 KIOSK(for Authoring)

[Program Registration]
C-2014-026671 VRWARE Real
C-2014-026670 VRWARE Avatar
C-2014-026226 KOSWARE
C-2015-018801 VRWARE Avatar Lite
C-2015-018800 VRWARE Premium
C-2015-018799 OGV converter for VRWARE Premium

[Trademark Rights Registration]
40-1138481 VRWARE

VRWARE School is a product for one person player targeted at 7-13 year old elementary students. It is a tool to create a virtual space, become a 3D avatar character, explore the map created by the person and learn various subjects .
The created virtual space is based on the PC, and it is possible to experience more immersive contents by using VR HMD (Head Mounted Display) like cardboard. The biggest advantage of VRWARE School is that it incorporates a scratch program for coding education to enable plugged-coding activities in VR in a 3D virtual environment, which further enhances user's creative thinking and logical problem-solving skills. It also enables linkage with various coding programs including entry program and robot (hardware) coding.
59 HUTUM Co., Ltd. Smart cleaning technology
(next-generation smart industry, home and welfare equipment technology)
Apr 23, 2009 Taeho, Kim CEO +82 010 3348 7915 HUTUM. Co. Ltd. is a specialized development company.
- Mechanism / circuit design of industrial design, analysis, mock-up and tooling, Package and production support to the solstice until, the whole field of product development, It is a professional group that provides the service.
- We are have a wide range of experience and expertise, originality, each of the development process more than 15~20 years of experience.
- We are based on high configuration infrastructure and manpower the always to get satisfaction and trust in request of customer.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health), Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: Smart auto cleaning (washing) Technology
3.Type of Organization: Company
Development a movable type opening and washing and drying device that allows the elderly and people with limited mobility people to wash, clean body and Hair washing in place without moving to the bathroom.
Development of technology equipment that automatically performs suction, cleaning and drying simultaneously with detection of feces.
Generates a vacuum pressure generated in a gas (air) having a strong suction pressure,
A technology that creates an induction flow around this area, making the fluid (water) flow into a vortex, and cleaning and sucking the surface of the substance with the clean water of this vortex. - Development of Open Type Smart auto cleaning (washing) Technology
Various open type cleaning equipment using above technology R & D Collaboration

It is a type opening and cleaning body and hair and drying technology that allows the elderly people to wash hair and clean body in their place without moving to the bathroom. It is also a technology device that automatically performs suction, It is an intermediary medium for elderly people, patients and caregivers. It maintains the pride and dignity of the patients. It also facilitates relieving stress and simplifying tasks by easily eliminating the care of the caregiver and bath cleansing. It is a device that can help you.
By giving artificial intelligence to these equipments, we will try to market to Europe and worldwide by technology cooperation like European countries with more convenient equipment. Through our original technology, Applications such as vacuum cleaner, portable dishwasher, mobile washing machine We are looking for cooperating countries and companies to make artificial intelligence devices together
60 IRM Co., Ltd. Medical data service : data storage, management, processing Jan 09, 2013 Samuel Choi CEO +82 70 8230 6691 “Smart Healthcare Accelerator”
IRM offers healthcare providers unique solutions for healthcare information exchange and for accelerating healthcare service of our customer from hospitals, health centers and clinics to healthcare service vendors.

Health information exchange (HIE) is the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system. IRM’s robust cloud exchange platform IRM Health Engine provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care information systems while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged. The goal of HIE is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-centered care.

In addition, our Health Engine medical data platform provides more professional services on medical imaging. With this specialized imaging functionalities, Hospitals in Vietnam, Kazakhstan as well as Korea have been using our solution for their PACS and teleradiology.

Through IRM cloud solution, health information will be managed in the cloud to be accessed by authorized healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere using various devices, PCs, smart phones and tablets
1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Data platform, Health care service, AI algorithm
3.Type of Organization: Company
1. Finding partners through matchmaking meetings
- Partners finding healthcare-health data platform technology
- Company with medical / health AI algorithm
- Companies that have developed software based on international medical standards such as IHE, HL7, FHIR, DICOM, etc.
- Companies that require preprocessed medical / health data to create AI algorithms
2. Discuss follow-up project with existing partners.
- We are considering participating in the Horizon 2020 project as a follow-up to the current Celtic Next project.
[Technology of Data platform]
- Observing international medical standards such as IHE, HL7 and DICOM, and ICT standards such as ISO, IEEE and W3C
- Comprehensively store, exchange, process and manage medical data of various types. (Content neutral: images, Waveforms, reports, etc.)
- Customize structured report/document
- Including seamless HTML-5 based DICOM Viewer and visualization tool for statistics
- Highly interoperable with PACS, RIS, EMR, etc.
- Providing open API: able to build up custom healthcare services with ease
- Support multi-language

[Health information exchange(HIE)]
HIE is the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system.
- Robust cloud exchange platform(IRM’s Health Engine) provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care information systems while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged.
- HIE is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-centered care.

[Services using data platform]
- SANDWICH: Versatile medical data server, Using on premise web PACS/gateway for cloud PACS
- m-Teresa: Android based mobile app designed for health center
- w-Teresa: Web-based medical data portal, provides tele-radiology workflow
- BEST Image: Multi-dimensional medical image research platform
61 Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) Professional, Scientific and Technical Research Jun 20, 1990 Kang, Do-Hyung Deputy Director +82 64 798 6100 Since its establishment in 1973, the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) has actively engaged with some of the most challenging issues of the day, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution and improving the quality of people's lives, and laid a stepping stone for innovative growth as Korea's leading research institute in ocean science and technology while contributing to tackling global issues such as climate change, natural resource depletion, and environmental problems. 1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Type of Organization:Research Institute
3. Name of Organization: Spanish Bank of Algae
Title: Green and Sustainable solutions for the anti-aging market based on algae biomass

The collaboration aims to investigate and develop solutions of high added value based on functional use, incorporating new active principles of marine origin (microalgae, cyanobacteria and macroalgae) through the use of sustainable biotechnologies, to be applied in the sectors of the anti-aging market and IT-based aquaculture.
- Production of clean and sustainable biomass and standardization of culture techniques with raw materials.
- Development of anti-aging functional biomaterials (cosmetics, food and pharmathuticals) extracted from the standardized marine biomass.
Research and development activities based on marine microalgae application
1. Development of a mass production system for all-year operations with maintaining production safety and economic feasibility
2. Commercialization and development of individual recognition type health functional food ingredients relating to cognition ability from marine microalga
3. Development of marine bioresources for manufacturing serum-free medium instead of fetal bovine serum (FBS)
62 SAMDUK TONGSANG Co., Ltd. Footwear, sewing factory, shoe assembly factory, footwear manufacture,
all technology about footwear
Nov 22, 1997 SP Jun Executive Director +82 10 8501 9784 Produce shoes of the best quality and maximize customer satisfaction

Our company has been receiving compliments from the leading companies of the world as the shoes manufacturing company, leading OEM and ODM field of the world, along with the pleasant working environment, cutting edge facilities, world-level R&D center, and professional skills. However, we are not satisfied with what we have. Instead, we are trying our best to meet the demands of the era and to maximize customer satisfaction by striving for production and supply of the best quality shoes.

Technology : All kind technology of Footwear
#1 Field of IT Coalescence : The research to apply IT technology such as ‘wearable’ and ‘loT’ to the shoes is in progress.
#2 Research about the Cutting-edge Component Materials : The research for innovation, such as lightweight and stronger elasticity of compound, rubber, new material of the uppers of the leather, ornament, and other component materials, is in progress.
#3 Stronger Standard for Production Quality : We have acquired ISO 9002, as a result of putting efforts for continuous development in every field related to production quality, including product standard, material, production workability, and fixtures, along with quality management.
#4 Research for Specializing Functionality : We are researching and developing the product with the best quality and rational price in the segmented functionality market in accordance with various functions.
#5 Design Development : Our target is to establish ODM system through strengthening our own design capability.
#6 Fulfillment of Research Project : We are sharing and improving technology by fulfilling joint research with public institutions, relevant companies, and through industrial-educational cooperation in the field of technological innovation, such as safety shoe, specialized function shoe, and IT coalescence.
#7 Strengthening of GORE-TEX Technology : Samduk Tongsang has the best technique for utilizing Gore-Tex in Korean shoe industry. We currently are operating exclusive experimental lab for Gore-Tex products.
#8 Sustainable Development(Eco-friendly Development) : Samduk Tongsang has acquired ISO 14001 as a result of putting a lot of efforts while having eco-friendly production facilities and business environment, and is keeping on making a lot of efforts for continuous management and improvement.
1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health), Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Footwear materials, manufacture method
3.Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
- Footwear For Rehabilitation Assistive and Gait Correction
- Eco friendly Footwear with Hanji-thread. It demands eco friendly reuse materials, waste utilization technology.
- Professional footwear for combat, hunting, extreme sports. It includes special material, climate adaptable, fighting power prevention, covert activities and light absorbance features.
- Biomechanical and Anti-Slip footwear For Ageing People
- Automation assembly system for footwear factory
- 3D printing material for footwear
* Footwear sewing and assembly process-design technology
* Footwear upper pattern technology with gore-tex, automatic shoe lace system
* Compounding technology about rubber, EVA, Pu
* Development and manufacture technology for Special purpose footwear such as combat, safety, climbing
* Successful R&D technology:
- Aqua shoes with stability and Drainage ability
- Functional casual shoes applying eco-friendly materials
- Wool Shoe with special construction method
- Sports climbing shoes with biomechanical and grip sole
- Fitness shoes with absorption, ventilation
- Fishing Footwear with Detachable hook