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Dtonic Corporation

Category of Business/Technology Spatio-temporal Big Data / Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI / Data Analytics
Date of Establishment Jan 07, 2014
Website www.dtonic.io/en/
Contact person Name Noora Lee Position Global Business Manager
Phone +82 10 9046 7612 E-mail noora90@dtonic.io

Company Introduction Dtonic is a big data company with the technology based on the heart of Industry 4.0.
Dtonic specializes in treating spatio-temporal (space and time) big data and providing data analytics and data engineering services.
We have developed an innovative spatio-temporal big data engine called “Geo-Hiker”, which allows not only cost-effective and fast big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets, but also differential value to our customers.
Through applications, Geo-Hiker has shown to be 50 times more cost-efficient, in terms of required hardware, than the original estimate provided to our customer by another big data analytics company, and process data 40 times faster compared to an existing system our customer had in place.
In addition to providing distinct operating functions related to time and space, Geo-Hiker is also being expanded to AI application by provided deep learning included machine learning functions powered by various machine learning algorithms.
Thus, Geo-Hiker is currently applied not only in traffic engineering industries such as (C-)ITS with autonomous vehicles and road weather, but also in various other industries such as smart farm, smart city, smart factory, and aerospace and bio technology, and environment technology.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Clean growth, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: No preference
3.Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute

Ideas for International R&D Collaboration As the world is becoming progressively instrumented and interconnected, spatio-temporal data is more ubiquitous and richer than ever before. Thus, we are looking for collaboration partners who would benefit from our expertise in spatio-temporal big data analytics and our Geo-Hiker engine. Geo-Hiker engine can be applied to across various industries for more cost-efficient and high-speed big data analytics and to gain meaningful insight.

For collaboration, we propose a high-resolution air quality mapping project about air environment and air quality for the benefit of citizens. Air quality data would be collected through both fixed and mobile air quality stations and by spatio-temporal big data analysis and modeling, the project would aim to develop new services and/or enhancing existing services provided by governments and the private sector for the benefit of citizens.
Technology Specialty Spatio-temporal Big Data Analytics Engine developed by Dtonic, “Geo-Hiker”, allows cost-effective, high-speed, and easy big data aggregation, storing, processing, and analysis of large big data sets across computer clusters. Wherever there is big data containing both space and time information, Geo-Hiker can be applied.
Our clients are able to make their data more consumable and gain new insight through general statistical and analytics functions–data checking and filtering, linear regression, t-Test, z-Test, etc.–but also through provided spatio-temporal pattern mining, machine learning, deep learning, and prediction algorithms, which can be customized to fit specialized industry needs.
Geo-Hiker can be implemented as a stand-alone customizable big data analytics system through provided API, as well as integrated to existing big data analytics systems thanks to Hadoop Eco-system compatibility and multi-language support.

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