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Energy Technology Services

Category of Business/Technology For Energy consulting for Energy audit and measuring and varification
Date of Establishment Apr 01, 2010
Contact person Name dongho kim Position Manger
Phone +82 01044708312 E-mail kimeastsky@gmail.com

Company Introduction Energy Technology Service (Corporate) has excellent technology, abundant experience, excellent technology talent
It's an energy conservation company with a variety of equipment.
In the future, we will continue to study to improve the technology level in the field of energy saving facilities
We will make efforts to become a company that is trusted by our customers.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Based by image data analysis, energy audit
3.Type of Organization: Company
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Energy audit provides a customer ratification service through the process of collecting and analyzing the date usually using portable diagnostor.
Our company wants to develop the related services as a tool to support the experts decision making at the state of collecting and analyzing the data by introducing the artificial intelligence techniques.
By this we want to reduce labor costs and improve the quality of consulting.

Furthermore, when transferring technologies of the developing countries, we intend to provide the very optimized service to our country by modifying and coordinating the Artificial Intelligence to fit in with the local environment. By cooperating with Europe, not only do we seek to enhance the technology of Artificial Intelligence, but also to expand technology related to evaluating energ
Technology Specialty IoT technology: cheap and effective communication of data collection
Edge Computer: TPU-based by Processing and analyzing collected data
Digital Twin : in Docker the collaboration simulation and monitoring

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