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Category of Business/Technology Information Technology security evaluation service/ cloud security solution development
Date of Establishment Dec 05, 2006
Website www.kosyas.com/html/english/eng.php
Contact person Name Sangseon Park Position Director
Phone +82 2 2097 9760 E-mail sspark@kosyas.com

Company Introduction KOSYAS is founded for global CC evaluation which is evaluation test for security solutions.
KOSYAS has vulnerability analysis technology and solution for could system.
We have been processed many R&D of domestic & global and are developing security analysis solutions for cloud based information system.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data , Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: cloud system security, vulnerability analysis: Company
3.Name of Organization: KOSYAS
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Objectives
- To enhance the security of various devices employing IoT sensors, we develops a system including an enhanced security gateway using edge computing technology.
- Through this system, real-time integrated security information management & analysis at IoT sensor and device level are progressed.
- To develop next generation cloud-based Integrated Intelligent security information management & analysis system" that performs real-time and multi-dimensional detection, collection and analysis of security threat in IoT sensors and devices.
Technology Specialty - CC (Common Criteria) Evaluation
- Information security device analysis (S/W part)
- System & Network vulnerability detection & analysis solution
- Cloud based Security Information Management solution
- Cloud system vulnerability detection & analysis solution
- System monitoring solution
- Cloud system log collection
- Relational analysis
- Abnormally detection
- Security analysis solution development

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