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Rockwon IT Global

Category of Business/Technology Information Technology
Date of Establishment Oct 19, 2011
Website www.rockwonitglobal.com
Contact person Name Andrew Yongsub Lee Position CEO
Phone +82 10 7145 7650 E-mail andrewlee@rockwonitglobal.com

Company Introduction The world's leading Digital Twin based control & automation solution platform applied to ports, logistics, and smart cities.
- Virtual Terminal Provides real-time location of equipment, job order of harbor terminal, security alarm information in real time and 360 degree of visualization solution.
- Started from Container Port Terminal Real-time monitoring and moving into smart wearhouse, smart building and smart city.
- About to acquire IoT platform company and AI deep learning based image recognition company to build E2E digital twin platform.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2.Specific Field of Research: __Smart Space(City, Metro, Building..) Management
3.Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Digital Twin integration with International port/logistics/smart city solution partners.
Develop Digital Twin based Autonomous Management by AI and big-data analysis for smart city, smart logistics and smart factory.
Develop Digital Twin simulation tools with domain expert who has data and rule-set.
Building POC lab for future smart management platform
Develop Autonomous car management with solution partners.
Technology Specialty Specialized in Real Time Location Service including tracking mobility.
Industrial data integration of devices(i.e. PLC, IoT GW, GPS, OCR and so on) and Service Application for control & monitoring
Deep learning based image recognition for physical security
Scalable and smooth 3D rendering by integration of devices and gateways.

All of these specialties applicable for 3D based management of smart city (building, environment, metro and so on)

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