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Sundosoft Co., Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology Information Technology
Date of Establishment Jan 17, 2014
Website www.sundosoft.co.kr/eng/main/main.html
Contact person Name Sujin Son Position Deputy General Manager
Phone +82 70 7703 3175 E-mail sjson@sundosoft.co.kr

Company Introduction SUNDOSOFT, which has popularized GIS and produced numerous GIS talents for more than 30 years, was reborn in 2014, following the tradition and reputation of its seniors. Through big data, SUNDOSOFT has turned itself into an upgraded Big Data company that can identify minute differences and present a vision. SUNDOSOFT is specialized in developing spatial big data platform, providing GIS fusion system development, spatial digital twin, bio data service and platform technology support
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: Big data, Disaster management, GIS
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration - Global disaster information gathering, prediction and GIS-based situation management technology development using Big data such as SNS, Meteorological data, Satellite image, and etc.
: Collaborate between Sundosoft which has technologies for big data-based disaster prediction and GIS-based monitoring system and European company which has EU’s Copernicus database utilization experience
- Customized remote health care service for the child and senior citizen by the disease occurrence prediction according to the heat and cold wave, epidemic disease through the GIS based Big-data analysis using residential location, weather condition, past medical records, life pattern response result, and etc.
Technology Specialty 1. GIS (Geographic Information System)
- Provides a system for GIS-based database building, analysis, real-time monitoring applications on the web. Many experiences on the Open source GIS and commercial product based web and client application development

2. Big Data
- Provides the diverse practical services through Big Data such as service model algorithm development, analysis based on AI, and Big Data platform and GIS-based display system development. Especially, developed the electricity caused fire prediction analysis algorithm and display platform with Korea Electricity Corporation

3. Bio Tech
- We build the Medical IT based RNA fusion research center with Soonchunhyang University in Korea to provide the early disease diagnosis service using miRNA. This service is provided through the Gene∙2∙Us system which includes the database for diagnosis analysis and prediction technology

4. UAV/Drone
- Conducting a project to build convergence system to utilize the image taken by UAV and Drone. That system provide the image processing, image and video play, and mapping and 3D analysis functions. Especially, UAV-based civil engineering and construction site management platform development is in development. The image and the data taken by UAV and Drone can be used for measurement to calculate ground fill-up and digging quantity and exact distance in construction and civil engineering site

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