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Total Soft Bank Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology Shipping•Port•Inland - Logistics Information Technology
Date of Establishment Nov 01, 1988
Website www.tsb.co.kr
Contact person Name Hoon Lee Position Director
Phone +82 10 2851 1068 E-mail hlee@tsb.co.kr

Company Introduction Total Soft Bank Ltd (TSB) is a maritime logistics solution company with leading edge technologies, industrial experiences, and reliable service qualities. Ever since its foundation in 1988, TSB has devoted to develop solutions for the maritime industry in ship automation, port solutions, up to entire port community. TSB's business solutions are most proven applications for the customers with committed resources and expertise of our professional services, also foundation of local customization and experienced development team. As TSB continues to grow and move forward and extends the reach of our services, from shipping to port logistics and to intermodal services, we will continue to honor our pledge of first-class, quality solutions and services that benefit our customers, employees and community with ceaseless vigor. Over 20 years, TSB has devoted to develop the ideal solution for this very industry: maritime logistics. From the vessel onboard loading computer, shipping system, terminal operation system to the port community system, concern has been clear and well-focused on it.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Future of mobility
2. Specific Field of Research: Shipping, Port and Inland Logistics
3. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration 1. AI-based optimization technology for cargo stowage on ship
- Minimize the empty space by loading as many cargos as possible on the basis of the entire navigation route of vessel
- Minimization of re-handling caused by unloading of cargo at the port where the vessel is visiting
- Minimize the movement of cargo handling equipment so that the cargo handling equipment can carry out unloading work continuously.
- We expect to be able to commercialize the related research that meets the above three requirements in cooperation with overseas research institutes.
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