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I-ON Communications Co., Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology IT/ Software
Date of Establishment July 5,1999
Website www.i-on.net/eng
Contact person Name Bruce Sangmin Lee Position Head of International Business Team
Phone +82 10 7272 4777 E-mail bruce@i-on.net

Company Introduction I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., a wholly subsidiary of I-ON Communications Corp.(OTCQB:IONI) has been developing and providing its unstructured data management solutions to various industries for 20 years and a leader of ECM(Enterprise Content Management) market in Korea and Japan. The company is focusing on Sports ICT and Energy solution recently providing its market-proven technologies to global clients, and the clients' reliability leads the company listing on the US stock market, OTCQB in 2018. I-ON's data management technologies are bringing its clients optimized control of data which can maximize the value of data.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Clean growth
2. Specific Field of Research: __ Sports data management / Sports tech / Bigdata
3. Company
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration With much more accessible and supportive sports-tech environment, UK sports tech companies have been rapidly growing, and it would be a great opportunity for us to collaborate with sports tech related companies about developing technologies for Sports data management, wearable devices, and so on.
Technology Specialty I-ON Sports Data Platform is an integrated platform of sports data using I-ON's market-proven data management technologies. It can be divided into 4 systems.
- Field Game Assistance System is a hardware and software integrated system at the stadium(smart stadium) with cameras, speakers, scoreboards, etc.
- Data Collection & Analysis System gathers game and players' data from the Field game assistance system into the Bigdata storage and it analyze the data for video referee and creating data analysis report.
- Performance assessment & improvement system provide insights to players and team on performance improvement based on data analysis report using performance diagnosis and sports prescription including medical prescription to prevent injuries and improve performance.
- Game assistance system provides players' video clip and live streaming service based on team and players' metadata and team matching service using AI modeling recommendation system.

Followings are main features.
- League & Game Management platform
- Players and team record data analysis
- VOD streaming
- Video referee
- Sports medicine
- Team matching recommendation

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