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Category of Business/Technology The DISC model IoT AI Platform (Keyword: DISC, IoT, AI, Bigdata, Smart Home, Home appliance Automation, Chatbot, Personal Data, Personal Pattern Base Platform/Web, App)
Date of Establishment May 17, 2017
Website www.jiguem.com
Contact person Name YongKyu Choi Position CEO
Phone +82 10 4755 8015 E-mail now8000@jiguem.com

Company Introduction EX- OOO company is established for developing OOO. It focuses on OOO
Data Analysis Algorithm Development and IoT AI(Artificial Intelligence) Platform Professional Enterprise
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: IoTDevice Manufacturer, Construction or interior decoration (Environment, Energy), Data collection and processing field
3. Type of Organization: Company
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Open data innovation
Strengthen competitiveness of local startup. International Data vouchers for the sharing and utilization of local private data in each country, big data networks are needed for different forms of service generation.
Technology Specialty IOT Analytics Platform
The company invested about $3.7M and secured energy based IOT analysis platform
platform to collect data from sensors and terminals to analyze the data and utilize the data to create various services such as new businesses and social safety services.

IOT Semantic Data Analysis Technology
IOT electric products, power and external factors are combined with personal characeristics and patterns, and analyzed with algorithm Cognitive learning of situation, deriving the optimized meaning for the environment, providing the service through understanding character & pattern and deriving the meaning of the data. Derive the meaning through of each data.

Enterprise Services
Utilizing personal life, personality, patterns and etc at datathat can be use to promote preferred product, with specs at the point when the user is about to purchase the product

Companies are able to implement strategies to increase sales by groupingg specific customers

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