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Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology (KIFLT)

Category of Business/Technology Specialized production technology research institute
Date of Establishment Apr 27, 1987
Website www.kiflt.re.kr/english/index.htm
Contact person Name Dong-Ho Kim Position Division Leader
Phone +82-10-5000-0526 E-mail dhkim@kiflt.re.kr

Company Introduction Korea Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology(KIFLT) was founded to develop and produce the technology from footwear and leather to industrial components and materials through research activities such as materials and components, chemical, automation, analysis and testing
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Clean growth
2. Type of Organization: Company, Academia, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration We have plan to develop intelligent shoe factory by researching automation system for shoe manufacturing through international collaboration.


- 3D printing system for mold and shoe-sole manufacturing
- Human-robot collaborative system for shoemaking and transportation
- Automatic assembly and quality inspection system

Task description

- Development of non-metallic shoe mold manufacturing technology using 3D printing.
- Development of 3D printing material and process for shoe-sole production.
- Development of automatic shoe assembly system.
- Development of automatic quality inspection system
Technology Specialty □ Adhesives

◦ Research of synthesis and formulation of adhesives
- Water-based, solvent-based, solvent-free
- Rubber, acrylic polymer, polyurethane
- High performance adhesive for structure
- Additives synthesis
◦ Research of synthesis resin and processing of materials
- Thermo-curable resin, UV-curable resin, Room temperature curable resin
- Curing agent for reaction at specific temperature
- Eco-friendly sealant
◦ Research of reactive hot-melt adhesive
- Functional primer
- Development of functional surface treatment and coating
- Surface characteristic for difficulty adhesion materials
- Consulting for finished footwear adhesive processing

□ New polymer and organic material

◦ Research of new polymer materials and synthesis
◦ Research of ceramic composite materials
◦ Development of organic and inorganic hybrid materials
◦ Development of functional application organic synthesis materials
◦ Research of functional nano materials

□ Research of automated manufacturing Process

◦ Research of shoes smart factory
- Intelligent plant platform for small quantity batch production
- Automated manufacturing and quality control system
◦ Process design for manufacturing automation
- Manufacturing process optimization to enhance productivity
- Analysis and design of footwear production line
◦ Study on core technology for the shoes-making automation
- Development of machine vision algorithm for shoes-making process and product
- Development of assembly process based on robot system
- Shoes assembly pressing machine using MR fluid
- Fuse sewing process for automated upper manufacturing
- End effector of robot system for footwear materials
◦ Reverse design/inspection using 3D laser scanner & 3D printer
◦ Finite element analysis for hyper-elastic material
◦ Development of smart shoes and standard integrating ICT technology

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