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DUCOgen Co., Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology #New media #edutech #immersive Tech #industry4.0 #5G ICT
Date of Establishment Nov 17. 2015
Contact person Name Jungho Park Position CEO
Phone +82 0-4630-4376 E-mail ceo@ducowise.com

Company Introduction DUCOgen, ranking amongst K-300(Start-ups selected by S. Korean government as having high potentials), believes with the right approach, Education can become "Edutainment". Being a joint venture with Denmark, our core education philosophy of "Learning by doing" reflects that of Scandinavian Europe, where students learn by engaging in activities. Based in South Korea, an ICT leader, we use new media such as Cloud/VR/AR, to realize "Learning by Doing" for the globe.

There is an insufficiency of next-generation Edu-Tech services with a deep understanding of the education scene and are provided at a reasonable price. And even after the introduction of Education paradigm-shifting new media/technology such as, Cloud, VR, AR, eBooks, etc., there is yet to a be smart Edu-Tech service, fully utilizing the potentials of these new media. As a result, VR/AR contents are limited to being used as a reference.
DUCOgen is developing our cloud-based VR/AR Edutainment service as a total package model, comprised of software+hardware, via cloud-based platform, with learning analytics curation based on big data gathering from machine learning, during the learner’s edutainment experience; The learner receives feedbacks and suggestions on which content he should additionally play and learn. We believe the next generation Edu-Tech model needs to be cloud-based, so the service model becomes like that of water- where the consumer has control over when and how much water he gets, by simply turning on and off the faucet at his convenience; And he only pays for the water he used. In this flexible service model, DUCOgen is envisioning and developing, the learner can learn anytime, anywhere, and however much he wants to at a given time. Our goal is to provide the globe cost-efficient, new media edutainment services.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
2. Type of Organization: All
3. Name of Organization: Not Yet
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Possible Partner Profile for VR/AR Edutainment Service base LA/BigData for smart education of smart city.
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