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Korea Lever Lock

Category of Business/Technology Research
Date of Establishment April 4, 1992
Website www.leverlock.co.kr
Contact person Name Jin-Hui Lee Position Advisor
Phone +82 10 5396 6612 E-mail jinhui@seoultech.ac.kr

Company Introduction KOREA LEVER LOCK was founded in 1992 and has been a pioneer in the manufacture of door hardware products in Korea.
We take pride in our products based on cutting edge design and having lasting quality to ensure our customers have access to sound convenience, security and safety for all their doors and windows.
Potential Partner Specific Field of Research: Sensor, IoT, Actuator
Type of Organization: Company, Academia
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Designning add valued next generation window systems which have combined with sensors, IoT and actuators for controlling open-close action automatically depends on in-outside air qualities on necessary
Technology Specialty KOREA LEVER LOCK is fully equipped to handle the entire the manufacturing process to produce high quality door hardware from initial design concept to finished goods, in addition to relying on our own in-house research and development facilities that allow us to test our products with our highly skilled professionals.

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