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Linkgenesis Co., Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology Information Technology (Test Automation & Semiconductor Equipment Software)
Date of Establishment Dec 16, 2003
Website www.linkgenesis.co.kr/eng
Contact person Name Inhyeok Paek Position CTO
Phone +82 10 3228 2246 E-mail moolbul@linkgenesis.co.kr

Company Introduction Linkgenesis focuses on development and supplying of test automation software and semiconductor / display equipment software.
We have developed MAT(Machine Auto Tester) that can automate various tests such as functional test, stress test, random test and various other test for products in automobile, mobile, home appliance, defense industry and etc. We have been supplying this product to major companies in Korea such as Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and others.
In semiconductor/display industry area, we have developed XCom and XGem, software toolkits and libraries that support SEMI communication standards, and supplied to more than 300 equipment vendors of Korea.
We also have been researching and developing products to incorporate AI technology into test automation and visual inspection.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: AI technology that specializes in reinforcement learning and natural language processing
3. Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration We want international R&D collaboration in AI area:
1) Reinforcement learning that can optimize test criteria such as test coverage and system performances such as CPU, memory and etc.
2) Read technical documents such as user manuals and apply natural language processing technology to generate test cases automatically.
Technology Specialty 1. XCom and XGEM Series for Semiconductor & Display industry
XCom and XGem are software development toolkit & library that support SEMI communication standards.
- XCom supports SEMI standards E4, E5, E37.
- XCom is proved by more than 300 OEM vendors in industry since 2001
- XGem300 supports SEMI standards E4, E5, E37, E30, E40, E87, E94, E90, E116.
- XGem is proved by more than 120 customers since 2008.

2. MAT(Machine Auto Tester) for test automation
GUI and script based testing software toolkit for functional test, stress test and various other system test. No 1 software testing toolkit in Korea for automotive, mobiles, consumer electronics, defense vendors
- GUI/text based easy scripting
- Easy extern device connectivity
- Advanced test control using Image & screen object information

3. VDL for AI based vision software tool
VDL is a deep learning based image analysis solution that provides fast and accurate analysis of images. It also provides various algorithms and convenient development tools for AI learning tool that make it easy to build customized system.

Convenient learning and flexible recognition capability
- Support various network models according to accuracy and recognition performance
- Easy Image recognition area setting through simple GUI operation
- Support camera and image files for recognition

High Accuracy
- Provide high recognition rate and accuracy by applying deep learning based on industry

Easy data expansion
- Various image filters to generate more learning data from limited samples

Easy to use and apply
- Easy to use for non-experts by GUI-based development tool

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