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Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

Category of Business/Technology Convergence System R&D Division / Smart Sensors Research Center
Date of Establishment Aug 27,1991
Website www.keti.re.kr
Contact person Name Hyung Man Lee Position Managerial Researcher
Phone +82 10 8710 1748 E-mail LHM0703@keti.re.kr

Company Introduction Vision : World Top Class Electronics R&BD Hub
Mission : Lead technological Innovation and commercialization of SMEs & Develop advanced core technologies and create new industries
R&D Organization : High-tech Materials & Components R&D Division/ Communications & Media R&D Division/ Convergence System R&D Division/ Gwangju Regional Branch/ Jeonbuk Regional Branch
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Artificial Intelligence and data, Ageing society(Bio Health), Future of mobility
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration - Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software for IoT Edge Devices
- AI Solutions for Imaging Analysis
- Autonomous Diagnosis or Analysis based on AI Technology with Smart Sensors
- Autonomous Driving Sensors with AI Technology
- Sensors with SoC and AI Solutions
Technology Specialty < Smart Sensor Research Center >
- Nano/MEMS-based smart sensors and components
(pressure sensor, accelerometer, magnetic sensor, flow sensor, IR/THz sensor, etc.)
- Smart input devices & sensors for smart devices, wearable device & IoT
- Integrated optics sensors and devices (evanescent field-based sensors, laser applications, etc.)
- Environment/Bio sensors and devices
(Nanomaterials and Thin film based gas sensors, Lab-on-a-Chip, Micro analysis chips, NDIR gas sensors, Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) heavy metal water sensor, Physiological Sensors, Piezoelectric Actuators, optic waveguide-based sensors, etc.)
- Self-powered devices such as wireless power transmission and charging
- Smart sensor application system

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