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Maru Energy Ltd.

Category of Business/Technology Agriculture farming system / Information Technology
Date of Establishment Feb 03, 2015
Website www.comgrow.kr/en
Contact person Name Daniel Kim Position CEO
Phone +82 10 8486 2750 E-mail maru27500@gmail.com

Company Introduction Maru Energy is established for developing indoor farming system.
It focuses on IoT agriculture solution.
Technology : Agriculture IoT sensor ( temperature, humidity, soil, Co2, EC, pH )
: Controll system ( Door, Window, Water pump, Heater, Cooler, Moisture )
: Indoor farming algorithm ( compare app )
: Indoor farming experience ( human network )
Potential Partner 1. Research Field: Ageing society(Bio Health)
2. Specific Field of Research: Medical company
3.Type of Organization: Company, Research Institute
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration Maru Energy has IoT farming solution,
We can grow most of trees anyware with our container farming system.

We are looking for institute or company who want to make medicinal plants anyware.
( Genseng, Cannabis tree )
Technology Specialty

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