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u-SCM center of Dongguk University

Category of Business/Technology Information Technology
Date of Establishment Jun 05, 1906(University)
Jan 03, 2007(u-SCM center)
Website www.dongguk.edu/mbs/en/index.jsp
Contact person Name Yujin Rho Position researcher
Phone +82 02 2264 8518 E-mail eunnye@nate.com

Company Introduction Our Center (Ubiquitous Logistics Management Center) is developing healthcare, artificial intelligence and various logistics management technologies. We are focusing on various artificial intelligence based application technologies such as deep learning based object recognition and image recognition based object recognition. We have VR and AR technology for store management technology. It also has speech recognition technology and text mining technology that can be used for psychotherapy.
Potential Partner 1. Research Field; Artificial Intelligence and data
2. Specific Field of Research: intelligent Mart development, Speech recognition and Textmiing for
3.Type of Organization: All types of institutions available
Ideas for International R&D Collaboration 1. intelligent Mart development
We want to develop a new mart information system based on VR and AR. For example, An example is a cross store where physical and virtual stores are linked.

2. Speech recognition and Textmiing for Psychotherapy
Our R & D theme is the development of diagnostic and prediction solutions for geriatric depression using AI speakers. Or we want to do the development of new VR-based meditation techniques.
Technology Specialty We have professional developers of VR and AR technology. It also has know-how on VR, AR and digital twin technology.
2 Speech recognition and Textmiing for Psychotherapy
We have text mining technology and AI speaker technology, and we have professional development staff. The figure below shows the architecture of the proposed system.

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